My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!

Not too long back, I shared my designer aspirations with you in Tiara Tales. Like any new found hobby, the designing bug has bitten me and these days I am on a spree of designing my own outfits. And while the dress in the last post is apt to be worn by a bridesmaid in a church wedding, let us have a look at what you can wear to your best friend’s traditional Indian wedding.

Shravana, the pious season for Hindu weddings, is around the corner and soon you and I will be bombarded with wedding invitations. We all have been there — when there are one too many weddings to attend and soon you run out of variety in your wardrobe and cash in your pocket. Instead of opting for a store bought dress, I hit Bangalore’s commercial street in search of the perfect Budget Friendly Lehenga. Since I was buying a dress material prominently for the wedding occasion, I looked for something in golden that looked grand, rich and elegant. The material that I fell in love with was in the combination of Black and Gold. Like all the other matters of the heart, I just ‘knew’ that this was the right dress and I looked no further.

PS_JU6A8962 PS_JU6A8978

I prefer to give myself the luxury to move around easily without getting weighed down by too heavy accessories to manage. This also keeps me comfortable and stress-free. That is the reason I usually do not carry a dupatta. However, if you like to go all out traditional, you may like to carry a black dupatta like the one in the picture here. Or a black dupatta with golden borders and it will actually enhance the whole look of the outfit. You can also wear it on one side or tie it like a half saree as I showed you in an earlier post. If you want to ditch a neck piece, you can also wear this dupatta over your neck!



I am adding a really sexy twist to this whole traditional look here by wearing a silver belly chain. I chose a contrasting color so that it stands out and compliments the golden lehenga. I personally loved this chain and you can also wear it with a sari and it can make your whole look smoldering hot!


Coming to the accessories, I have chosen black neck piece and a pair of black earrings that contrast my golden blouse and match my black lehenga. These jewelry look heavy, but the earrings are not heavy at all. The neck piece tends to be on a slightly chunky side but nothing that majorly bothers me. The bangles are rust golden and this time I am not stacking too many of them up as usual since my neck piece is pretty large. As I always say, it is important to strike a balance in your whole look.



Attire Details:

Clothing: Material from Commercial street

Necklace: Voylla

Ear Ring and Bangles: Street Shop


You can finish this look with a nice blood red color on your nails. And if you want to be experimental and have some fun, try some black nail color as well. I prefer keeping my hair open because, honestly, your hair is the best accessory. If you have really straight hair, give them a few waves and let them bounce with a life of their own! For girls with natural waves, you can keep them as they are or straighten them for a changed look.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that at the end of the day you wear your smile and confidence. Armed with these two, you can carry any outfit with perfect elan and elegance.

I hope this post gives you some idea of how you can ditch the showrooms and make something of your own. And if you happen to make a dress for yourself, tell me how it went and what was the special personal touch you added to it. Like always, I love to hear from you.

Photography: Santosh Kamal

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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3 thoughts on “My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!

  1. This blog of yours really helps. Helps in a way that I can now suggest my gfrnd what exactly she should look for thanks a lot keep posting great work elagant chick πŸ™‚


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