Simple Styling Tips For Lean Guys!

We all have a Fashionista inside us and TEC would like to think that we inspire you to bring out your stylish side. And if you still need some nudging, we pick one of our readers to instill some much-required style motivation. Today we bring to you Vibhor Aggarwal who thinks that a smart confident persona is far more appealing than the much hyped six pack. We totally agree with him and for the rest of the article, we let Vibhor take over.


On a rainy day in Bangalore, while enjoying time off from work and sipping coffee, some thoughts hovered around my mind. A lot is discussed and spoken about body image — how the media around us, in some way or the other, favor the ones with good physique. The discussion is not only about women but men too. Is it always about a good physique or about sweating it out in the gym? As it is rightly pointed out, one needs to focus on the overall health and well-being than spending hours in the gym to get that ripped body. At the end of the day, what matters is  your attitude and confidence. I have seen models walk on the ramp with a physique to die for and yet they lack the confidence which gives anyone that extra edge.

For those working in IT, no one is a stranger to erratic schedules and hectic work hours. With managers on your head 24*7, once you reach home, all you have the energy for is to lounge around and finally hit the sack. Some unfortunate ones have to go back home and attend calls once again. It’s the same cycle for the next day. So maybe a regular gym schedule does not fit in. Although, there are always alternatives to keep yourself physically active, the results end up being less than perfect.

However, just because you do not carry those weights every day, does not mean you cannot be stylish or that you should lag behind in the world of fashion. Below are a few cool tips for skinny men to help carry themselves with equal grace and confidence and maybe even more than their gym going counterparts:

  • It’s not always about “brand” — it’s about comfort. Try to make smart choices while selecting an attire from a wide range of clothes. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends.
  • While picking Jeans/Pants/Trousers/Lowers make sure they are not tight fitted. Thin legs don’t go well with tight trousers.
  • The tight lowers can always be replaced by ankle length pants. It can be complimented well with canvas or any ankle length shoes.PS_DSC_0065
  • While selecting shirts, the first and foremost thing to look into is the length of the shirt. Pick a shirt, which is slightly longer in length.PS_DSC_0096
  • The shirt can also be worn by wearing a round neck t-shirt inside with open buttons. Or you can wear a jacket/blazer over the T-shirt but avoid just the round neck Tshirt.PS_DSC_0923
  • While going out on a chilly weather day, you could choose to wear a pullover over your shirt. Layering is definitely good for skinny people.PS_DSC_0061
  • When you have to wear formals, try a slim-fit shirt which when tucked in, looks proper and neat. Straight cut pants will look great. A good belt is extremely important to complete the whole look. Choose a belt which matches the color of your formal shoes.
  • Being skinny, avoid carrying your wallet in the back pocket of your formal trousers. You can carry a wallet that resembles a card holder in your front pocket.

That was Vibhor for you. I hope these tips will help all you fine gentlemen to look more stylish and suave. We will keep coming up with similar features for you. If you have  tips to share with us, don’t think twice before writing in!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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