Change The Way You Wash Your Hair!

Some time back, we shared with you a few quirky tips that might sound weird but were really helpful. Reverse hair washing was one of them. I had spoken about how even I am experimenting with it. It has now been almost over a month since I have been doing this and I can confidently say that this slightly cuckoo tip has changed the way I feel about my hair.


The beginning:

It all began when one fine evening I was doing nothing but mindlessly surfing the web. I am not sure what led up to it, but I soon started reading about how ladies all over the globe have started washing their hair in reverse — which is to use the conditioner first and then wash it with a Shampoo. This had me surprised and left me smiling. There are a several things I have learnt from the net — like folding a T-shirt in 2 seconds (Yes, I can do that trick!) or which should be the next classic book to read. Maybe washing my hair was also something that I needed to unlearn and re-learn.


My Experience With Reverse Hair Wash 

The first time I “reversed” my hair wash, I wanted to give it a benefit of the doubt. Maybe, it was just the change in routine that my hair had embraced so lovingly. So I did not go about declaring the world that I had experienced hair magic! However, I tried it again the next time and the next to it again. Each time I would end up with same great results.

So what exactly is the Technique:

I flip all my hair down and wet it thoroughly. Then I apply the conditioner. Now Conditioners and I have a history. If I use a lot of conditioner, I end up having extra oily hair. So I always make sure that I don’t slather my scalp with conditioner. I do apply it near the roots but not much.

I keep the conditioner on my hair for a minute or two. Maybe 3 at times. And then I wash it. You will feel the difference on this step itself. The hair starts feeling smoother and softer.

Now I go back to my beloved shampoo and wash the hair as usual, massaging it around the scalp patiently and then washing it all away.


I am using the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand (Sunsilk) and I would recommend that you use the same brand for both the products just for the simple logic that those two would be made to work in sync with each other and will produce better results.


  1. The hair looks and feels softer and smoother.
  2. They feel lighter. I usually feel lighter hair only when I get it washed at a salon. Now I have that feeling all the time.
  3. Personally, I saw no difference in the hair fall. It did not increase, but it did not decrease too. I am adding it in the pro list because we never approached this method as a solution to stop or avoid hair fall. But because any new technique can result in an exponential hair fall, I was more than glad that something like that did not happen.PicsArt_09-05-07.03.12


  1. Lots of articles over the net speak about how this method increases the volume of your hair. I, personally, did not find any difference in the volume.
  2. If you prefer the waves in your hair, you might want to not use this method. Conditioner mildly straightens your hair. I also noticed my straight hair but my hair fluctuate between straight and wavy according to their own mind. So I was okay with anything.
  3. If you anyway happen to have super smooth hair, don’t use this method. Here is a funny story in connection — I suggested this method to a friend who has super soft hair naturally, to the extent that when she wears a sari, her pallu never stays on her head. Now this lovely girl had a tough time after she washed her hair with this method because her hair became all the more soft and slippery. She told me that she had to use a gazillion hair clips to tame them.

Even after all those cons, I would suggest that you do try this method at least once and if you like it, maybe you can do it for special occasions. And when you do so, share your experience with us. One of our readers Yashaswini has already tried this method from the last article and she loved it. Maybe you will too!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “Change The Way You Wash Your Hair!

  1. I have my hair type somewhere between wavy and straight! I used this method after reading an article about it.. I’m glad that now my hair feels much smoother and I love them more :*


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