Max Use Of Maxi Top

Time and again I have spoken about how my go-to outfit is a pair of Jeans and a T-shirt. But none of us can deny that at the end of the day, a pair of jeans and t-shirt becomes run of the mill. So I thought, it will be super cool to spice up my wardrobe with a maxi-top. I fell in love with this top the moment I set my eyes upon it. There are a lot of ways you can style this amazing thing. I say you can even walk the red carpet with this — so stylish and elegant is this thing.

Look for College

Most of us start getting fashionably sensible from college. After 14 years of the boring uniforms, we are set free and we plan on taking a whole lot of advantage of the new found freedom, don’t we? However, colleges come with their own set of dress codes and want it or not, we have to adhere by it.

This is how I styled the maxi top to wear it to college.PS_DSC_0082


You can choose to wear it along with your denim pants, but I would suggest that you wear a high waist jeans if your maxi top slit is too high. You wouldn’t want to violate the dress codes in college. I have kept the neck bare and worn studs in my ears as the maxi top already makes my whole look quite dressy. Over accessorising is plain unnecessary for college. However, I am wearing my bracelet and watch. Since bags are also a major part of the accessories that you carry around, I have chosen a lovely blue bag that is perfect for college and even casual outings.



I have folded up the jeans at the bottom and worn sneakers. You can also wear slip-ons. This will give, as you can see, a very chic yet casual look. Get ready to be hailed as the next fashionista in your college.

Party Wear

I am a crazy party person and my passion for dancing knows no bounds. So if there is a party, then I have to balance style with comfort because I am one of those who are the first ones to hit the dance floor and the last ones to leave. And for this, I will choose a pair of shorts. They are comfortable and stylish and fun to dress up in.


Now since this ensemble is put together keeping inmind a party look, here I have accessorised a bit more than what I would do for college. I am wearing a statement blue neck piece and my personal favourite — the thigh chain. I love how it gives a whole new appeal to the outfit.



I have worn a strap on shoes with thick heels which are not only comfortable walking around but you can dance in them too. The maxi top and shorts along with the thigh chain make a really fresh and unique combination. I am sure this dress is going to turn a lot of heads in your direction. Again, you get a chance to be a trend-setter with this one!

Multi-layer Look 

Some time back, I had done a post on styling culottes. I had spoken about four ways. Today, I show you a fifth way. If you consider yourself a bit heavy at the bottom or are a bit uncomfortable in exposing your midriff, you can layer the flowing maxi top with a pair of culottes. Can you imagine how super comfortable they are going to be! I have done the same thing below so that I can have layers towards the bottom. I have moderately accessorised with a neckpiece and earring set. It is not too heavy and the dress can be worn for a casual outing or movies with friends.



I have worn the same shoes here as well, you could choose to wear gladiator or even a stylist flats on this look. I have also worn a stack of silver and green bangles to give a chic look for this ensemble.


That’s all folks! I had a lot of fun putting all these looks together because they are all super stylish and yet not really explored. So if even one of you try these looks and tell me how you felt wearing them, I would be ecstatic.


Tip: If you are on petite side, you could choose to pair maxi top with tights.

Outfit Details:

  • Top: FabAlley
  • Jeans: Forever21
  • Shoes: Nike, Catwalk
  • Culottes: koovs
  • Accessories: Street pick

As I always say, Don’t forget to Keep it Stylish and Stay Beautiful!

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5 thoughts on “Max Use Of Maxi Top

  1. Hi Ashiee,
    Loved the attire!! And you’ve styled it so effortlessly! My favourite look outta the 3 is the party look! It’s hot!! And you look stunning :*
    Keep glowing hun! 🙂


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