Mix up to Dress up!

I won’t be wrong if I say that we all crave to wear brand new clothes every single time and not repeat them ever. Sadly, even if we try our best, we cannot have an endless wardrobe and we will end up repeating our dresses. But who says it is not cool to repeat? Like I have already stressed earlier, all you want is a sense of adventure and a dash of creativity and you can have a never before fantastic combination every single time! I have spoken about being creative in almost all of my Personal style articles. Today, I speak about how I utilized one Kurta and matched it with my already existing wardrobe.

But first, here is the back story of this Kurta. I bought the material in blue lace and its lining from a shop in Chikpet (Bangalore) and got it stitched from a local tailor.  The whole thing cost me around Rs 900. I was quite happy, not only with the results but also with the fact that I was strictly under budget.


The first time, I wore it with my black leggings and black dupatta. And since it was for a function, I accessorized a bit — Black neck piece with big a pendant, blue earrings and a set of bangles would be apt too. If you choose to wear the same thing in college, I suggest you go easy on the accessories.


Now, I had to attend another wedding after a few months and I was in no mood for heavy Lehengas or Saree as I was supposed to travel a long distance. I wanted to wear the same blue kurta. My love for blue is endless 🙂 But I obviously didn’t want to repeat the same look. Also, because this was a wedding reception, I wanted more colors rather than black. I picked up a peach color chudidar and its dupatta from another suit. This look was quite fresh and interesting.

PicsArt_10-26-01.22.11 PicsArt_10-26-01.23.50

I wore a pair of big danglers for ears and kept the neck accessory subtle with a small chain and a pendant in peach color. Any festive look turns prettier by manifolds with a simple addition of a few cute bangles. This look was no exception and I wore a stack of bangles on one hand and kept the other one bare.


It’s that time of the year again – when the air smells of smiles and festivities. If you, like me, love your tradition, you will have a reason to dress up very frequently at least till Diwali. Why don’t you ditch the shopping malls for once and go crazy with what you already have!

As for me, I shall continue experimenting different looks that are do-able and practical and keep posting them here for you. I would love to know what you liked, what you hated and if you were inspired any of my looks, I will be glad to hear about it. Let’s have a fun conversation, guys! Lines are always open at TEC!

As I always say, don’t forget to Keep it Stylish and Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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