Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 1!

Yoga has been popular for quite sometime now and ever since the UNO declaring 21st June as the International Yoga Day, a lot of interest has garnered around this. And we had a post earlier as well about this. Check out here. For most people yoga is synonymous with meditation and to others it simply translates to gymnastics. Others who are interested are not sure where or how to start. I hope to clear these misconceptions and provide a basic routine that one can get started with.

My stint with yoga began with some very basic postures at my dance class. When I started trying out different dance forms, I realized the need for increased flexibility and strength and subsequently explored more advanced postures. It was mostly self learning but the last four years of practice has been an amazing journey! During the course of practice, I began to understand that Yoga is more than just a routine that increased strength or flexibility. It brought about a lot of change in me, from starting the day early to improved concentration, determination and also good health and immunity.

This is a simple routine that one can follow by keeping aside 20-30 mins. Each posture can be performed as one set with two repetitions( maximum four ). Those who have no other physical activity can perform this everyday and others can add this as part of cross-training in their schedule. The postures have been grouped based on the body parts they affect (legs,back,abdomen) and also the nature of the posture (warm-up,inversion,cool-down).

In this post I will be talking about Warm ups and asanas that affect legs. Next post I shall talk about remaining:


1. Uttanasana Provides a good overall stretch all through the spine till the feet which gives a good start after sedentary body position.


2. Ado mukha svanasan Provides a good stretch to the calf muscles and also improves strength in the upper body. This pose is well known to provide a holistic health improvement.



3. Trikonasan Strengthens and improves the flexibility of the lower body and stimulates the functioning of organs like kidney.


4. Ekapadasan Helps in better blood circulation due to opening up of upper body muscles. Improves body balance and increases the leg strength since the entire body weight is bore by a single leg.


5. Natrajasan Expands the upper body and removes muscle tightness around the lower body. Improves strength and body balance.


Until Next time, Choose Yoga for good health! 🙂

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