Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 2!

In the last post, you would have read about asanas for warm up and legs. In this post, I shall be showcasing the remaining routine which are simple yet keeps you active and flexible. In yoga, You carry your own weight so you are strength training as well without actually picking up external weights.

Back and Abdomen

6. Bhujangasan Removes stiffness in the upper back and stimulates organs in the abdomen. Also strengthens the spine.


7. Shalabhasan Strengthens the lower back and stimulates organs in the abdomen.


8. Badhakonasan Flexibility in the hip and thigh region.


9. Paschimotaanasan Provides a good massage to the organs of the stomach and also gives the required stretch to the spine.



10. Sarvangasan Specifically good for the proper functioning of thyroid gland. Flushes out stagnant blood due to the inversion and provides for better blood circulation.


11. Halasan Promotes digestion and strengthens back.



12. Shavasan This posture requires no introduction. Probably the most popular Yoga pose 😀

A lot of people ask me why I subject my body to this kind of stretching. A simple answer to this question is that I believe our body has been designed to be able to move the way the Yoga postures describe. However, due to our sedentary lives, these seem like a Herculean task. Hence it is also necessary to gradually accept Yoga as a way of life rather than a fitness routine to lose weight. I hope this article helps you get started with some basic everyday poses. Important point to note is never push your body beyond a comfortable limit. The goal here is not about being able to do the posture but about the process itself and the continuation of this process.

Until Next time, Choose Yoga for good health! 🙂

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