Style that Blazer Up!

Throughout the years, human beings have conditioned and categorized their lifestyle into slots. We don’t have milk and cornflakes for lunch. We don’t party at 11’O clock on a Tuesday Morning (Although I would totally sign a petition to have this changed!) and we never go to a beach dressed up in formal trousers and a blazer. And obviously, why would someone do that? Now I know being rebellious is cool but sometimes it is far more necessary to dress right for an occasion.

I love blazers and if you ask me, a good formal looking blazer is a must have for every girl. It makes you look like you mean business. There have been a few events when I had an opportunity to wear blazers and I felt great wearing them every single time. Let me show you what are the looks that I put together.

Formal Look: I was invited to give a guest lecture to MBA students in a college and I knew I had to dress perfectly to make sure I get that first impression right. I went for formal pants, Satin top and a blazer, not to forget the belt. This look exudes power and style and yet is wonderfully comfortable. Although I chose a white satin top, I usually prefer shirts when it is not too hot outside. This is an incredibly powerful and elegant look. Speaking of power dressing, you might remember the post that spoke of power dressing for guys. Check it out here





I’m wearing black shoes complimenting my black belt. It’s better to wear shoes rather than wedges or high heel sandals with this look. I’m comfortable with my hair let loose, and that’s what I went for here. You can carry along a formal bag or a sling laptop bag with this attire.

Casual Look: Now haven’t I spoken about using one piece of your wardrobe in every versatile way a million times before! Blazer is the definition of versatile dressing. Throw it on for a casual meeting with friends and you will end up looking like every bit of a diva that you are. Pair your blazer with jeans, and a lovely top.

PS_IMG_9843 PS_IMG_9854 PS_IMG_9865 Ps_IMG_9870

I’m wearing slip-on shoes and have folded my jeans at the bottom for some extra zest to the whole look. This time, I decided to tie my hair into a ponytail and finish the look off with my Aviators.

Corporate Look: Most working women and entrepreneurs have situations where they have to be the host or give a presentation to a set of audience. These are the events where you can put together the below look:
A formal skirt, shirt/top and the blazer. Don’t forget to tuck in the top inside the skirt.




You can either wear pumps, stilettos or the block heel shoes as I have worn for this look. I have tied my hair in a bun and since it is a strictly professional look, I have kept the accessories to a minimum and preferred wearing only studs for earrings. I have not forgotten my big dial watch. You are in a big meeting and time is of utmost importance to you. Hence a smart looking watch not only enhances your look, it also proves to be extremely useful. If you look at your phone as a time keeping device more than a wrist watch, then maybe you can wear a simple yet elegant wristwatch instead.

I wanted to do another look with the blazer, but certain situations kept me from completing the shoot. Keep watching this space or our social media and I shall surely post that look!

OutFit Details:

Blazer: DressBerry

Top: Local Shop

Skirt: AllenSolly

Formal pant: Scullers

Jeans: Forever 21

As I always say, don’t forget to Keep it Stylish and Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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