Five looks for men to rock this winter!

The Starks of North have been warning everyone of an impending winter season since a very long time.  But it is only now that Winter has started to confirm its presence in bits and pieces. I know many of you love the Winters  because you get a chance to be cosy and snuggle up inside a warm blanket. But for many fashion crazy people, it is a time to flaunt their winter wardrobe and while there are too many options in the market for women, the men have no reasons to complain. We bring to you a few ideas that you can use in this frosty season and gain a few stylish followers of your own!

Here are Five looks for men to rock this winter!

Look 1:

A normal pullover on a shirt along with denim can be the most comfortable way of keeping yourself stylish and warm. You can also roll up the sleeves of your shirt for some extra style.


Look 2:

A leather Jacket is a must-have for every guy! Not only it keeps you warm, it also channels your inner biker. A black jacket can be worn over a white tee or brown jacket over a black tee. You can add boots on really cold days. Throw in those aviators and you have a perfect look.


Look 3:

Sometimes, simplicity does the trick. Wear a shirt over your Tee for a warm layered look (Layers trap in the heat, remember the science?) or just carry a jacket to fight the cold. Remember to colour co-ordinate! If your Tee-Shirt is printed, choose a plain shirt. If you wear plain shirt match it with printed shirt.


Look 4:

Sweatshirts should be made compulsory in winters. They are stylish, they keep you warm, they are also highly comfortable and sexy! I usually prefer the front zip sweatshirts as it can be zipped up or kept open along with a tee. Make sure you have at least one sweat shirt!


Image Courtesy: Jabong

Look 5:

Winters usually mark the beginning of wedding season. The best attire to put on for such occasion is a nice blazer to keep yourself warm. You can wear them with a V-Neck T-Shirt or a Formal shirt. Blazers have magical abilities to spice up the simplest of attires as we have seen in previous posts as well. You can check out these two posts: Power Dressing and Style that Blazer Up


We hope to be your one-stop style reference guide so that being impeccably elegant is easier and accessible to all and sundry! If you have a different look to suggest, please make sure you share it with us.

Keep it Stylish and Stay Awesome 🙂

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