A Saturday Brunch Story

Winter is a good time to sip a warm cup of tea and cuddle up. Bangalore is giving us major reasons to get cosy, almost having us believe as if we are holidaying away in a lovely hill station. The rains are only adding to the charm of a romantic and pleasant weather. And because it is almost sinful to not step out and take a lungful of this gorgeous air, I ended up planning a meet up with friends for brunch. Having heard a lot of good reviews, we finalised upon Yogisthan Cafe in Indiranagar.



The place is quite hard to find, as it’s a house converted into a cafe. But we managed to reach there. I was greeted with a pretty place painted in white that was contrasted with bright green trees all around. For all my dog lover friends, a huge friendly canine also waits for you outside to give you a warm welcome. The place was unusually serene and a diversion from the hustle and bustle of cafes that we are so used to. People were engrossed in their own little worlds with either their laptops or books. Once you step inside, you can identify with its tagline — “Soulful living cafe”

We ordered chai(tea) and I took a Mozzarella Sandwich. Being the usual chatty, fun loving people that we are, in no time we were talking and laughing when we were interrupted by the owner to keep it down — if only I knew the place wasn’t meant for hanging out with a couple of friends. Coming back to Sandwich, it was not the usual sandwich that I have had at other places. It was something similar to a rusk but was delicious and was made up of healthy ingredients.

IMG_5853 copy IMG_5855 copy

This is what I wore for the Saturday brunch — a pullover with my boyfriend/distress jeans with a comfortable slip on. As the pullover was enough to keep me warm, the jeans were above ankle length to make sure that rain waters do not spoil my attire.

IMG_5944 copy

I wore a statement neck piece to give a bright and pleasant touch to a grey, dreary climate. I kept my hair natural but if you have really long hair, I suggest you tie them up because rain and the moisture might increase the frizz in your hair. I carried my sling bag along to finish my look. I thought this look was easy and sensible considering the weather and yet was stylish and fun for casual friends meet up.IMG_5941

IMG_5935 copy

I hope you liked my story and the outfit that I have put together for this meetup. I say keep your pullovers handy this winter! I shall do more stories on what can be worn during these lovely winters. Till then you can check out my last years winter wear post here.

Don’t forget to keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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