Kazo’s Party and Winter Wear Collection

Haven’t we spoken enough already about the winters in earlier posts? And I think we will still have many things to consider when it comes to winter fashion. Consequently, I was pretty excited to visit Kazo Store to check out their Winter and Party Wear Collection. Like me, many Fashionistas from Bangalore came together to check out what seemed like a fun and stylish event.

Picture 4

The event kick started with Marketing Manager describing Kazo’s winter and party collection. He said, “Our Stimulating Party and winter collection is here to offer an array of new patterns as well as embellishments that reflect the free spirit ethos of the company”.

After this discussion, we, the bloggers were given an opportunity to style ourselves by choosing an ensemble from the store and walk the ramp. This was a pretty amazing concept and naturally everyone attending this event loved the idea. I went around the store and apart from drooling over the leather jackets(I have posted the picture of it on our social media), I loved the sweatshirts which were in colorful checks and extended sleeves. There were also a few tops with fur embellishments. Among their party wear collection, there was aunique touch of glitters but the outfits were subtle on colors which were interesting.

I had to choose something that represents my usual style. I picked up a pair of denim jeans, a simple pink top and an attractive printed jacket from their collection. I stuck to my policy of balanced dressing. Since the jacket was printed, I chose the plain top. I would definitely do a leather jacket post again soon, so I did not style with that in the store.



Besides the hugely fantastic garment collection, Kazo also housed a vast assortment of jewelry like earrings, statements neck chains, and a few pretty hairbands. I picked up a rusted gold choker neckpiece to style with my outfit.img1447605831418

They additionally have an impressive collection of bags that covered everything from handbags to clutches and sling bag, completing the entire wardrobe for a woman. I selected a handbag to complement my look. And hey! my slip-on shoes were going pretty well with this outfit 🙂


Although I fell in love with almost everything in the store, I could not help but notice a glaring absence of a footwear range. During my interaction with Marketing Manager, I asked whether Kazo would also get into footwear range. The answer was that they are looking at it but not anytime soon. I got my answer, but I will be a very happy customer if this vacuum is filled up promptly!

Nevertheless, I believe that the brand’s latest collection features a unique compilation for today’s modern as well as professional women on the go.

Don’t forget to keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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