Stylish and Important Reminders For Monsoons!

Usually, rains are associated with all things nice – A cup of hot, steaming Tea, cozying up in your bed, watching a nice movie, standing on your balcony and just watching – admiring the tiny pearls of rainwater on leaves and flowers. However, sometimes, rains can be like a clingy lover – tiring and difficult to get rid off.

Unfortunately, Chennai is facing a situation of extreme flood and though we Bangaloreans are experiencing some discomfort with the ongoing rains, it is nothing compared to the Chennai situation. There have been a lot of articles all over the net about how the whole Chennai has come together and how each citizen — stranger or friends are helping each other to get over these difficult times. We at TEC hope that where ever you guys are, you are unaffected by the flood situation.

In all the rainy hullaballoo, I thought it would be nice to do a roundup article of some quick tips that you already know but might need a quick reminder.

General Tips:

  1. Umbrella or Raincoats: Even if it’s not raining, do not forget to keep your umbrellas or raincoats with you all the time. Always choose full-length raincoats instead of the ones that cover you only till the waist. There is invariably a choice of cute umbrellas and fancy raincoats in the market and if you like me always look for a dash of sunshine over dark clouds, such raincoats and umbrellas are just for you!PicsArt_12-02-04.36.49
  2. Charge your Phones: Haven’t phones become our lifelines? And their lifelines are their respective chargers! With frequent power cuts all over the city, make sure you keep your phones 100% charged.
  3. Store Vegetables and Fruits: There are days when the rains just don’t stop pouring and that means you cannot go out to buy groceries. It is recommended you store at least fruits and veggies in the fridge so you don’t starve on those days.
  4. Carry Portable charges: At the times, when you get stranded in rains for hours and your phone is dead, portable charges can be your hero and save the day for you.This is also a good time to invest in a power bank. And you can ring someone for help!Fotor_144906351275356
  5. Fill up Fuel in your vehicle: I have been in a situation where it was raining  cats and dogs and I was stuck with a bike that did not move because I forgot to fill it up  with fuel on time. Although a fun story to narrate after it is done, living that story is not pretty. Please make sure that your tanks are full during the monsoons.

Beauty or Fashion Tips:

  1. Forget Make Up but not Moisturizers: Even if we are not major makeup fans, we like to indulge ourselves with a nice winged eyeliner, some classic red lipstick or may be a basic no-makeup makeup. However, if you decide to give your makeup a miss this season, do not skip your moisturizer. As the weather gets colder with the rains, taking care of your skin becomes absolutely vital.
  2. Make Pullovers your best friend: You have to keep yourself warm to avoid catching a cold, hence do not hesitate to wear those pullovers with your jeans/ dress/ Skirt. Again, your pullovers do not have to be boring. You can choose bright colors and fancy knits to stay warm and stylish! You can check more on styling pullovers here and here.
  3. Scarves: Now say, for some reason, you are stuck up with a boring pullover, you always have scarves to your rescue. You can tie them up in countless ways to make that fashion statement and yet dress sensibly for the weather!IMG_20150915_201953
  4. Hair Style: When outdoors, keep your hair tied either in a bun or a braid. Moisture in the air is not good for your hair. They turn them frizzy and unmanageable. Tie them  up in a nice bun or braid them. It not only gives you a different look, but you can add variety  every day. A usual braid once, a fish tail another day, a ponytail for some other day — the options are endless!
  5. Avoid Jeans: If you are like me, your usual attire would be a pair of jeans and T-shirt and a jacket. But during rainy days its better if you keep away your jeans and opt for a cotton pants/skirts which will dry up sooner than jeans. And needless to say, do not wear whites — be it pants or a chudidar.
  6. Wear Sneakers and rubber flipflops: The roads are wet and climate is cold. You wouldn’t want to wear those fancy heels and spoil them or be uncomfortable on roads. Choose flip-flops that are funky and comfortable. They dry up sooner than your umbrella and go with everything.PS_DSC_0095~2
  7. Avoid hot water showers: Even though it’s cold out there, do not take a bath in hot water as that tends to increase the redness on your skin. Use Luke warm water and allow your body to react according to the temperature outside.

Hope this post was useful with some handy tips to keep in mind during these rains. Do let us know if you got any more useful tips for winter or monsoon, we would love to know!

Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful :-)

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