Tastes of Telangana — An Evening of Food and Fashion!

Great food can lift up the darkest of moods and bust away stress like a bubble floating in the air. So on a cool evening of a Friday, we headed towards the ITC Cubbon Pavillion to get a feeling of Telangana cuisine under their ongoing festival of “The Unique Tastes Of India”. ITC is known for its grandeur and luxury. So it felt fitting that I dress up for the occasion. Because what can be a bigger occasion than indulging yourself for no apparent reason!

I wanted my look to be elegant and chic and my requirements were the same as always– I wanted to bring together something from my existing wardrobe. While scanning my collection, my eyes stopped at an orange skirt that I had not worn for quite some time. The last time I wore it, I had paired it up with a crop top. This time, I chose a maxi top and a statement necklace that I absolutely love! I also wore a pair of stud earrings and block heels to complete my look.



The food in one word was just fantastic. The interesting point here was that the food was focussed specifically on the Telangana region. We began with a probably the most delicious Mirchi Bhajjis I have had in a very long time. Under the non-vegetarian starters, my favourite was Kodi roast. We slowly worked our way towards the main course and honestly, I do not have one favourite dish for the vegetarian spread. Everything I ate was great! Although if someone does force me to pick, I will choose Pappu and Beerakai Sangapappu Koora which was a curry made of ridge gourd in Gram Dal and Onion and Tomato gravy.

Mirchi Bhajjis
Kodi Roast
Beerakai Sangapappu Koora
Bhindi Curry

In the non-vegetarian section, I fell in love with Royalla Vankai which is a dish made of prawns tossed with brinjal and tomato. My other pick was Palakora Chapa.  Both were soft in texture and delicious. I also liked Ulava Charu Kodi which is chicken in gravy of mashed horsegram, tempered with chilli and garlic. In rice, we savored Pulihora for veg and Chapa Pulusu Pulao for nonveg.

Palakora Chapa
Chapa Pulusu Pulao

And Ofcourse there was variety of papads and pickles like gongura. Loved the Majjiga Mirapakayalu which is sun dried chillis.


There was also a wide range of desserts and among them, the clear winner was Khubani Ka Meetha. It was not too sweet and hung on to a perfect balance of taste. If there is one thing I could take home, it was this wonderful sweet.

Khubani Ka Meetha

ITC has always been extremely gracious hosts and we always enjoy our time there. This time was no different either. With the lovely ambiance and fantastic food, the self-indulgence felt really rewarding! It was a satisfying evening of food and fashion. In times like these, you smile and give yourself an assuring nod. Life’s good!

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