Unlimited Fashion #3KUnlimited Challenge

Unlimited — the word that pushes away boundaries. Unlimited, infinite! Don’t we all want that? Unlimited fun, unlimited success or even maybe an unlimited wardrobe! However, the ‘unlimited’ that I am going to talk to you about today is a lot more tangible.

Unlimited Fashion is a new store in town which caters to amazing styles in a friendly budget. Since this theme resonates with what TEC stands for, Unlimited caught our attention. However what actually got us moving our blogger selves was their “Under 3K Challenge”. All we had to do was pick up clothes and accessories under a budget of Rs 3000 and come up with a great look. We love challenges — it’s what keeps us on our toes. So I headed towards the nearest Unlimited store (which was Kammanahalli for me) and did what I love to do — I shopped!


I walked in to find the ethnic apparels and accessories on the ground floor and the western collection housed on the first floor. To begin with, the western collection had everything– dresses, skirts, jeggings, jeans, sports and gym-wear, T-shirts, Tops, and Shirts.  The casual dresses were decent for a “Let’s have a friends meet-up” event and they were decently priced at Rs 999.  I, however, preferred the formal dresses over the casual ones for that price.

I thought their lower wear selection was quite impressive. A pair of dark blue jeggings caught my eye and I picked it up right away. I then moved towards a glorious top which looked like the love child of my two favorite things — A pullover and a crop top! It just sat there,  luring me to take it with me and I just could not resist the temptation. The blue jeggings and the crop pullover would be a uber stylish combination. While doing the math in my head, I had the most wonderful realization. I had a huge room in my budget to put together another look. So I scurried towards the traditional section for creating something different!


I styled the blue jeggings and the crop pullover with minimum accesories like shades and a bag. This look didn’t need any more add-ons as such. I love wearing boots when it comes to tights or jeggings hence I styled this look with boots. However, you can also wear them with a pair of sport shoes if you are going out on a trek or some other sporting event.




I had loved a pair of ethnic palazzos that were gorgeous and elegant but sadly they did not have my size. So instead of going “full-ethnic” I chose a happy middle. The jeggings were a good choice for an Indo-western look. I paired it up with a plain white short kurti and a really cute colorful printed jacket.

I just accessorised this look with big Jhumkas and colorfull stack of bangles. I wore ethnic Jootis for a complete Indo-western look.




IMG_0129 copy

Outfit Prices:

  • Jeggings: Rs 799
  • Crop Top Pullover: Rs 699
  • White Kurti Top: Rs 499
  • Printed Jacket : Rs 799
  • Ear Rings: Rs 299

I had a lot of fun doing this challenge! Running around the store, imagining every possible combination, checking the price tags to know if I am being under the budget — everything was part exhilarating and part exhausting. But I am not complaining — I loved every moment of it. And if you loved my looks, do let me know in the comments down below — and if you did not like it, do tell us what did not work for you — maybe we can have a nice discussion over it.

If you would like to create your own look for this campaign, you can direct message UnlimitedFashion on their instagram or message to their facebook page.

As I always say, don’t forget to be beautiful and stay stylish! 🙂

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