Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21

As a child, The Jetsons family used to be my favorite animation series. I would love their futuristic air cars, their automatic moving floors and those quick suction lifts.  It is pretty cool to think how figments of the Jetson world is actually happening in real life. Recently, I had my own futuristic experience at Jealous 21.


Before I take you to the future, let’s travel a bit back in time, shall we? Not too long ago, when online shopping was not a thing, we would still walk into malls and stores with a glint of happiness in our eyes and spring on our feet. We would grab every dress, and walk our way to the Trial room, imagining how wonderful we are going to look in our selected outfits – when those long unending queues in front of every trial room would blow away all our plans of looking and feeling good into the thin air. Honestly, there have been times when I have turned back from a store because I did not have the time or patience to wait in those queues.

This is where Jealous21 swooped in with the ridiculously brilliant idea of a virtual mirror. I was invited to check out this innovative technology and I was only happy to do so. I was also curious – Will something that sounds so cool on paper be actually that much fun and useful in real life?


I went to the Jealous21 store in Indiranagar, Bangalore where they have launched ‘wear it’ — a Virtual Mirror which allows a shopper to try on various outfits that can be seen on a digital scan of the body. The Store Manager explained how this cutting edge mirror identifies a woman’s size and shape and uses a motion-capture camera to produce a realistic image, giving shoppers a good look of the garments on them.


After listening to the details, I went straight ahead to try it out for myself. There were two options to access “Wear it”. One was through typical input devices like keyboard and mouse and the other was through hand gesture. Since I really wanted to test the mirror, I preferred using my hands. To begin with, the recognition sensor worked quite impressively and there was no hassle while I browsed through the menu.


Initially, selecting and clicking was little painful for the hand but once I got the knack of it, I could traverse through the menu easily. They had all the collection which was available in the store on the menu.  I just had to select what I liked and it would show me how it looks on me. Once I selected the bottom wear, there was an option to choose the matching top as well. Once I shortlisted an outfit, it also allowed me to either email or share that look on social media.


While a virtual mirror cannot tell you how a particular outfit will “fit” on you, it can save those several moments when you pick up a dress, hold it in front of you, tilt your head in one direction and imagine yourself wearing it. This way then, you actually try outfits only for the sizes. Also more often than not, most of us know our sizes (Unless it’s a new brand) So, I think that this indeed is an amazing technology that would help the customers save a lot of time.

Jealous21 is a brand I revisit often. I personally love the fitting of their jeans that vary within different hip sizes for the same waist size. With “Wear It”, they are blending fashion with technology, something that we have not witnessed a lot in the brick and mortar store format.  If you happen to like this technology or have an innovative idea for TEC, do share it with us –we are all ears!


Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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