The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box Christmas Edition

Wouldn’t you agree when I say that every holiday season has its own charm, it’s own identity? The time of Christmas comes with its own attraction — winter, mall decorations, star hangings, the feeling of love and joy, Christmas tree decorations and finally Santa Claus himself! As a child, I would dream of sitting on Satna’s sleigh and travelling to the North Pole with him. I am sure I was not the only child to harbour such ambitions. However, when I grew up, I had a pretty cool epiphany. I can be my own Santa! Little did I know that years later, Christmas edition of  The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box, will ask me to do the same thing! #BeYourOwnSanta

It has been quite some time since I unboxed a Beauty Box. You can refresh your memory from here, here and here. Nature’s co beauty wish box contains six in-house beauty products which change each month based on their theme and so does the wrapping of their box.


This box is available to customers on subscriptions. That means you can order for the Special Box, anytime from the 15th of the previous month (when subscriptions start) to the 15th of  the current month (when the subscriptions end) and the box is delivered to you by the end of the month.

The subscription costs are:
Monthly Subscription – Rs. 595
Quarterly Subscription – Rs. 1645 Save Rs. 140
Half Annual Subscription – Rs. 3215 Save Rs. 355
Annual Subscription – Rs. 5950 Save Rs. 1190

December Edition is of course on the Christmas theme and like I mentioned above, it’s called as #BeYourOwnSanta Beauty wish box. Below are the products which came in a cutesy Christmas Sock.

  • Sweet Almond Foot & Toe Cream: It is a 125 ml cream in a tube package. It claims to exfoliate and moisturise the skin and reduce cracked heals. It has a sweet fragrance of almond and is just perfect for this winter season.PicsArt_12-23-10.39.55
  • Raspberry Face Wash: A 20ml product with tube packaging claims to remove grime and dirt off your face. It is supposed to be soothing and a natural anti-oxidant that helps relax and calm inflamed skin.PicsArt_12-23-10.49.34
  • Mixed Berry Body Butter: This Christmas season, don’t just eat berries but slather this exotic blend of raspberries and strawberries body butter which will hydrate your skin and restore it for natural and healthy glow. While on the topic of Body Butters, here is a tip to remember — Always apply body butter on your skin when it is slightly towel dried. This way your skin locks in the moisture and absorb the nutrients. This product comes in a tub package and contains 35 ml of the product which smells like bubble gum to me 🙂PicsArt_12-23-10.52.50
  • Irish Moss – Mint Bath Oil: It is a 25 ml bottle with flip open cap and smells like mint. The product claims to hydrate, soften, refresh, relax and naturally deodorise your skin and body. The instructions ask me to use it during bath on a wet skin by applying 5-7 drops and rinse it off with water.PicsArt_12-23-10.48.13
  • Lychee Sugar Lip Scrub: This is a cute little box with turn open cap top containing 2.5 ml of the product. It claims to exfoliate the lips making them soft and smooth and lychee helps in moisturising.PicsArt_12-23-10.54.08
  • Cranberry Exfoliating Body Wash: The key feature that I look for in a body wash is its fragrance and exfoliating property. This 30 ml product comes in a tube which smells of tangy cranberry. It promises to improve the texture of skin and exfoliates skin to facilitate smoothness. Can’t wait to use this!PicsArt_12-23-10.51.33

In fact, I can’t wait to use all the above products. Overall, I love my first beauty wish box from The Nature’s Co firstly for its cute packaging and secondly because all the products seem natural and ideal for winters. Berries are great for the skin and I see that most of the products have berries as an important ingredient. Being a Santa for yourself is a majorly fun thought! You should try it for yourself. And when you do, make sure you tell me what did you gift yourself.

Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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