Budget Friendly Holiday Fashion with Oxolloxo

I like the month of December. On the one hand, we express our surprise over how quickly the year passed by and on the other hand, we crave for a holiday, while we take a break from work, contemplate the past year and plan for the coming one. Although I am not going out anywhere this year, I am sure most of you are. Have you packed already? I know you might want to travel with options of a change of clothes — secretly, all of us would like to carry our whole closet with us if it were possible. But as John Green said, “The world is not a wish-granting factory” You may not be able to take everything with you, but I can help you with a few holiday fashion ideas that you can use to make the most out of your limited travel wardrobe.

Allow me to introduce Oxolloxo — A brand I came across while shopping from Myntra. It perfectly fitted my fashion mantra — “Affordable and Trendy”.  You and I both love jumpsuits. I have already posted a few ideas of styling them here.  But we tend to forget it’s lesser popular, but equally good looking cousin, the play suits.  Playsuits are fun and comfortable and pretty versatile too! I have paired up Playsuits and sneakers and varied the style — here’s how!

  1. This PlaySuit costs around 750 INR and I have paired it with sneakers and a sling bag which I picked while street shopping in Pune. This is casual, trendy and comfortable for you to take a walk on a beach or sit on a lawn. So if your holiday destination is Goa, this is your go-to attire!IMG_0172
  2. I have paired this with a short jacket which gives a completely new look to the playsuit. Again I haven’t spent a lot on the jacket, it costs around 850. Depending on the weather, you could choose to wear shades. I never forget to wear a watch which is my main accessory almost everytime. Around my neck is the very popular owl chain, that gives a street style look. I have seen a lot of girls with this neck piece, but if you have missed it somehow, it is very easily available on street side shops.IMG_0114
  3. When you are bored of the same look of playsuit, you can add on Palazzo pants and you will have an all-new look without actually carrying multiple tops and pants.IMG_0018
  4. If you follow me on Social media, you must have seen my video of styling a vest jacket made from a stole. I have done a similar thing here — made my regular shawl as a vest jacket and worn it on top of playsuit giving it chic look!
  5. While we are talking of stoles and shawls, here is a look which I have paired with a woollen scarf. I find this look very stylish. You can try it too!IMG_0232 IMG_0240

Outfit Details:

Playsuit & Jacket: Oxolloxo
Shoes: 20Dresses
Shades: Rayban, Vincent
Bag & Chain: Street Store

Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Holiday Fashion with Oxolloxo

  1. How much were the Palazzo pants? Wouldn’t people see that you are wearing the same thing? It is actually quite a bit of money… And isnt it cold there??????? The only one that I really liked was the first one… But lets say you add up all the garments, shoes, jackets, sunglasses….now that’s money. But there is always room for improvement… Right?


    1. Hey Amitaria, Thanks for your prompt comment. Palazzo’s were just 400, since its cotton. The point here is I have utilized everything in my wardrobe and not bought too many things. So to let readers know that they can reuse their wardrobe each time with different styles.

      PS: I stay in Bangalore, it has neutral weather. Even in winters, days are sunny and nights are cold!


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