Oriflame 5 in 1 BB Cream Review

Besides a round trip to Europe, the one thing I always crave for is a flawless skin. And while the Europe trip will happen on its own time, I already work for a flawless skin. I drink as much water as I can, I try to be physically active and by following a strict Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing routine, I make sure that it is clean, supple and healthy. But like everyone, I have my good and bad days. Sometimes, my skin looks dull and tired and sometimes it just looks ordinary. And I wanted to change that.

With the right products, we have the power to look flawless anytime we want to. I am a fan of a no makeup look. However, I get rather uncomfortable with heavy foundation. So instead of a foundation, I looked for a BB cream that can give me a decent coverage and that does not feel like my skin is carrying a baggage on herself. I picked up Oriflame’s 5 in 1 BB cream in the Light shade. Here are my feelings for this product.





This product is packed in an easy squeezy tube. And if you have read my earlier reviews of any product that comes in a tube, you would know that I always warn against being careless with it. I always carry it either in its box or in my makeup pouch. Besides that, it is a pretty looking tube.

Here are the 5 things Oriflame’s BB product claims:

  • Covers Imperfections
  • All Day Hydration
  • Instant Glow
  • Oil Free
  • SPF-30PicsArt_01-01-05.10.50

My Take on the Product:

The very first time I applied this product, I was mildly appalled. It gave me a white cast! And I hate white cast on the skin. But after a minute of deep breathing and telling myself that everything will be fine, it blended pretty well on my skin and gave me a nice healthy glow. A nice healthy glow – something I have always wanted! I was impressed. I keep opening my front camera and exclaiming to myself, “Look, how glowy I am.” The coverage is quite decent. The appearance of my dark circles have lessened and that is a huge deal for me. It’s staying power is around 3 hours. It does not have a particular fragrance and blends very easily.

Although it claims to be a 5 in 1 product including all day hydration, I moisturize my skin separately before applying it. I am happy about the SPF 30 protection because even if we are inside our offices the whole time, wearing an SPF is extremely necessary.

Swatch of Oriflame BB Cream


  • Decent Coverage
  • No peculiar smell
  • Imparts a healthy glow to the skin


  • Lesser staying power
  • Costly for the quantity

Cost: Rs 699 For 30g

TEC Verdict: 4/5

I am definitely buying this product again. After the first 2 minutes of hating it, when it converted me into a ghost, I totally love it. If you like me, prefer a skin that looks great without having to put a lot of makeup, you should definitely check it out.

If you have already used it, make sure you share your experience with us. Do you agree or disagree with this review? What is your most favorite BB Cream? Why don’t you review it for us?

Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful :-)

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2 thoughts on “Oriflame 5 in 1 BB Cream Review

  1. I complete agree with you. I’ve got this product last month and using it since then almost every day. It makes me look good without putting too much of makeup. Goes well with my skin tone, and blends easily giving me a flawless look. Love it totally 🙂


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