Asus Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG Review – Fashion Blogger Perspective

As we make progress in the world of technology, every gadget makes a niche for itself. Every second person on the road of Bangalore can be seen carrying a Laptop backpack and don’t even get me started on smartphones. Smartphones have almost become an extension of one’s hands! And people who are just not satisfied with their gadget count move on to tablets. I have not been the biggest fan of Tablets up until now. My argument was this — if you have a smartphone and if you have a laptop, then why do you really need a Tablet? This was before I started using my Asus Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG.  And as I’m writing this post from it, trust me, my whole perspective has changed.

I won’t be doing any technical review of the Zenpad here as there are a lot of well-known technical blogs to do so. Also, because I already do a lot of technical analysis in my day job, here I would prefer focussing on different aspects. All I will be talking today is, as a normal person and a fashion blogger, how has this tablet  been useful for me.

The ASUS ZenPad 7.0 Z370CG is the latest mainstream 7-inch tablet device from ASUS. It is the world’s first tablet to have interchangeable rear elements allowing you to add a longer lasting battery or an integrated speaker within a protective tablet cover. And I love this integrated speaker as I can dance or do my workouts while playing music from this tablet, without having to carry a speaker around everywhere. I will also be doing a workout video soon and you will see how awesome the speakers work.


The design is a perfect balance of beauty and strength. With the smart interchangeable zen case, it looks like a book and when folded, it resembles a clutch. It has rounded edges which give a comfortable grip and can be easily carried around. When it comes to my phone, I have butter fingers. I keep dropping it! Had it not been for the corning gorilla glass on my phone, it would have been a broken, bruised device and I’m glad that the Zenpad also has the same display.


Be it for my blog or otherwise, I love clicking pictures and mostly selfies, as I do not like to compromise over a perfect picture. I’m sure my friends would agree with me on this 😀 The Asus Zenpad has multiple modes in the camera like beautification, Panorama or HDR which reduces the job of adding filters or editing pictures later. I also loved capturing videos through this as the case acts like a holder and I can place it anywhere and start shooting without anyone’s help. Below is the video I shot using Zenpad’s front camera!



I watch a lot of sitcoms on my laptop. I am almost addicted to them! With Asus Zenpad, I get to laze around, lie on my bed and watch my favourite shows. It is neither heavy like my laptop and its screen is way bigger than my phone. It is somewhere in between and I have no reason to not love it for that! It has become my best buddy while watching any series and the audio is excellent even with the headphones on. It gives a virtual 5.1 surround sound. The battery lasts for a fairly long time even after me using it extensively. It claims to have 8-hour battery life, and with and almost non-stop usage it lasted for 6 hours.

If you love reading e-books, this device is like a blessing as it is almost like a size of a book and has a clear display for reading. I like the fact that it is so convenient for me to write blog posts in here rather than opening up my laptop each time. I do not play a lot of games on my phone. In fact, I don’t play games at all. So I turned to my brother to judge the graphics and according to him, they could have been better.


Features I loved the Most:

  • Battery Life
  • Camera with effects
  • Mini Movie Maker – It has an inbuilt app lets you make a movie by just selecting pictures from gallery
  • Integrated speaker
  • HD display with 72% view area and Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 3G connectivity with sim slot and also has an expandable memory slot

Features that could have been better:

  • Graphics for games

I hope this post gives you more insight on my experience of using Zenpad rather than just the technical specifications. As I mentioned earlier, I will soon be doing a video using the Zenpad speaker. Watch out for that on my youtube channel.

keep it stylish, stay beautiful! 🙂


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