The Journey That Matters ..

I love the old charm of Bangalore. Whenever I see the pictures of Bangalore before it became the city that it is today, I wonder how lovely it would be to drive through her roads especially in the weather that only this city offers. I, for one, love to ride. I started riding bikes as soon as I reached a legal age and although I do not get a regular chance to ride them, I love the whole riding experience. Driving to me, is more than just reaching from point A to point B. When stuck in traffic I get frustrated; On a long empty stretch when the cool breeze caresses my face, I feel content; I feel happy when I ride along with my friends, When someone breaks lane discipline, I feel angry. In short, when I ride, I experience every facet of life. And isn’t it fun to go through a canvas of emotions in a short span– a laugh here, a frown there, counting your blessings with the wind in your hair!

I’m glad that I have a partner who shares my passion for driving. Sparsh likes to take his bike for a ride whenever he wants some time off from everything. He says it clears his mind and gives him the clarity of thoughts.

Life is indeed a special journey and both of us like to go through this journey dressed in style. A leather jacket to a biker is what Joey is to Chandler or Dorothy Boyd is to Jerry Maguire — One is incomplete without the other. I have used my leather jackets in multiple looks earlier, but my favorite is this; Jeans, a vest top and leather jacket. For him, Its a round neck Tshirt, Jeans and Leather Jacket.

And here are a few quick tips for a great journey

  1. Guys, Avoid wearing shirts as the collar and full sleeves would make you feel very hot and sweaty.
  2. Wear a sunscreen lotion
  3. Make sure your bike has decent amount of fuel and is well serviced
  4. Shades is a MUST
  5. Do NOT forget your helmets!









Outfit Details:

Him –> Jacket – Jack n Jones; Tshirt – Vox Pop; Jeans – Zara; Shoes – Roadster

Her –> Jacket- Calvin Klien; Tshirt – Jockey; Jeans – Forever 21; Shoes -Myntra

I like to make all my journeys memorable — both practical and philosophical ones. And in my journey as a blogger, you guys have been the best companions I could have asked for. While I prepare for our next pit stop, do pause for a moment and tell us how do you like our biker looks and what is it that you like to do when you go for a drive. Do you have a favorite destination, a preferred travel song? Write it in the comments below or tell me on my social media channels. I am right here for you!

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2 thoughts on “The Journey That Matters ..

  1. I am finding very difficult to find moto jacket of real leather in India I did not check CK. Zara is offering but it suede leather. I want the calf leather one. Can you suggest me some brands or places I can find one good body hugging calf/goat/lamb leather jacket.


    1. This CK jacket I bought from the US. If you are from Bangalore, there is a genuine leather shop in frazer town, you could check out there.


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