Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Passion — Some people talk about it like it is precious as oxygen. Some call it overrated. I try to find a balance between the two. Not everyone can get up in the morning and say that they are really passionate about their day job. But most of us are lucky enough to have that one thing which brings us true joy and happiness. For me, Dance is such a passion.

I don’t remember a specific moment where I told myself. “I really love to dance”. Maybe that’s because I had started showing dancer symptoms while my mother was still pregnant with me. She tells me I would kick a lot whenever we were around music. I remember accompanying my sister to her dance rehearsals and while she was busy with her practice, I would be busy making my own steps. Even today I catch myself unconsciously moving to the music that plays just in my head. I dance when I am happy or sad. I dance to express myself and to forget the world around me. Sometimes I dance to feel like the centre of the universe. I don’t get so much positivity from any other activity.

In fact, my love for fashion might have also started when I would dress up and get ready for my shows. Dance helped me find my grace and a personal sense of style that I love to share with all of you here. In a recent Salsa event, I wore a cute little skirt that I loved and felt that it can be worn in other occasions as well.

We have spoken a lot about winter essentials and styles that you can follow herehere and here. Now before the winter season packs its bags on us, here is one last winter styling idea that you might like to try! I call it the skirt with boots.

PS_DSC_0111 PS_DSC_0116 PS_DSC_0130 PS_DSC_0142 PS_DSC_0157

I paired a body hugging full sleeves T-shirt with this skirt. I also wore a pair of black tights to beat the cold. I love wearing my boots. But being in the magical city of Bangalore that presents you four seasons in a day, one does not get many a chance to strut around in boots. So I have settled for a crossover between shoes and boots. They are amazingly comfortable and stylish as hell and you may see me repeat these lovely babies several times. There is also this leather jacket which goes perfectly with everything and the warmth it gives is almost akin to the first sip of hot coffee on a cold Sunday.

To accessorize, I wore a long chain with a white feather pendant which, if you look carefully, it resembles a snowflake! And I love wearing my shades — irrespective of the weather.  You can make your own custom changes into this look according to the climate. For example, On a bright and sunny day, you can wear such a skirt with a crop top and sneakers to sport that chick look.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was the dancer in me giving you a peek a boo into my world. I hope you liked it.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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