Denim – Trend that never vanishes!

Chances are, that you like me, are unfamiliar with the name Jacob Davis. But here’s why we all should know his name. This guy is responsible for a major fashion revolution. According to the legends, Jacob Davis was a professional tailor who made denim jeans popular after a woman asked him to make trousers for her husband that he could wear to chop wood. Soon, Davis had to overwork to keep up with the growing popularity of jeans. This was back in 1873. And after an exact 143 years, the demand is still going strong. Here is an interesting line I read somewhere — “Anthropologists estimate that every day, 1 in 2 people in the world wear a pair of jeans every morning, which makes denim the most popular textile ever woven”. It is fascinating to see how one piece of garment keeps getting re-invented and completely refuses to go out of style.

PicsArt_01-26-03.37.50 (1)

Obviously, today the scope of donning denim is much wider. But with larger options come larger questions. Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim is a major doubt in countless people’s head. I totally dig that look and have covered one such look in earlier posts. And since you can never run of out of variety when it comes to denim, here are a few more.

PicsArt_01-26-03.39.13 (1)

PicsArt_01-26-03.40.53 (1)


You can pair a denim shirt or jacket with printed dress and you would have a uber cool look ready. Read more about this look here.


You may all agree with me when I say that Jeans is the toughest part of wardrobe to get rid of. You just cannot throw them away and in fact, you should not. Ali haider did not croon to “purani jeans aur guitar” just like that! Speaking of old jeans, here is one more piece of interesting information. The oldest pair of jeans were found in 1997 and they were almost a 100 years old. It was bought by an unknown Japanese citizen for $60,000.

You should tell me how you like to wear your denim — how do you accessorise them, how do you pair them up with what. If your idea is super fun and innovative, we would love to feature you!

Outfit Details:

Denim Dress and Shirt – People
Denim Jacket – Miss Bennet

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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PS: I have ordered Dungarees online and I can’t wait to style them for you! Keep watching this space for more!


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