Soucika at Bangalore Fashion Week Day2

Day 2 of the Bangalore Fashion Week dawned in and it included a brand I genuinely admire– Soucika. Soucika has grown bigger and better with each fashion week and I had loved their bridal collection in previous bangalore fashion week. This time around, their collection featured three categories of women’s wear – Bridal Gowns, Lehengas and Evening Gowns. They presented some brilliant color combinations in evening gowns and Lehengas. I loved the beige touch he had given to most of the gowns.

I also sat down to speak to Kamal Raj Manickath, the designer for this lovely brand. “The bridal gowns and evening gowns are fabricated with the most delicate fabrics and adorned with an inimitable manner of embroidery,” He told me. “The lehengas are crafted with beautiful Indian hand embroidery in subtle and bright colors drawing inspiration from one of the finest arts called ‘Dot Painting’.”

Considering how colorful his show was, I was genuinely interested to know the thought process that he went through for using them. He told me that he loves playing with different colors and has used 6 pallete of colors for this show. “One should wear a color which suits them instead of blindly going for the color of the season” , he added.

The show was wrapped with showstopper Neha Shetty in a lovely lehenga. And before I could wrap my questions, I had a parting question for both of them. So what in their eyes is a perfect Valentine’s day dress? While kamal suggested a red gown, Neha voted for a cute dress in a color you love. So, what will you pick?










If you are wondering where to go and check out their collections, you will find Soucika in Indiranagar, Koramangala & Commercial Street and internationally, Soucika is present in Sharjah. In the fashion market today, Soucika represents our rich tradition with just the right amount of glamour that caters to the generation of fashionably conscious and to those who believe that fashion is an effortless second nature!

I hope you loved this as much as I loved covering it. There’s more to come — stay tuned!

 Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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