MAC SS16 Trends — All in or All out!

The universe of makeup and beauty reinvents itself every time — just like we reinvent ourselves. Every year, we strive to be better than what we were and every year, the beauty trends come out evolved and prettier than the last time. Maybe that is why the MAC SS16 Trends Collection is set out to identify with the woman today. “You go all in or all out”, said Sonic Sarwate, the global senior artist for M.A.C cosmetics India. What exactly does he mean by that, you wonder?

All in is when you wear makeup that is subtle and more every day. Sonic went on to work his magic on Preksha who looked perfect with just the right amount of makeup. You know how TEC is all about keeping it subtle and elegant, don’t you? I love how the red lips is giving her just the right amount of sophistication.


So, what’s going all out? That’s when you come out of your comfort zone and greet the crowd. All out is when you actually go all out with one feature of your face that you really, really highlight and go absolutely crazy with it. The magnitude of how bold you want to get can obviously differ. Take a glimpse of how Sonic has defined Trupti’s eyes with blue eyelashes and blue eyeshadow. I mean — just look at it! This is what Sonic called “accessorising your face” and I call “Well!! This is damn interesting!” The one thing to notice here is that obviously when you put all your heart into that one feature on your face, the rest of the features are kept subtle. My tip is that if you decide to go for this look, do not go heavy on the accessory on your dress as well.


Moving on to the products of SS16, here is my honest opinion — if I could, I would have put them all in a bag and ran away. Actually, I am not a makeup person, but this range can melt even the heartless. The first collection is called “Retro Matte” which is a range of matte lip colours.


This, coincidentally, was Sonic’s favourite collection and something that he has used a lot in the recent international fashion events. I loved the feel of the lip colours and if there is anything like liquid velvet — this is it.PicsArt_02-11-12.08.30

I saw this as an opportunity to ask an important question to Sonic. A lot of girls wear matte lipstick and after some time, one can see cracks on their lips. Why is that? “The thing with Matte lip colours, especially the liquid ones are, that they are not supposed to be applied again and again. If you apply layers, they tend to crack up. So, moisturise your lips thoroughly and after some time, apply just one coat” — There you have it, ladies, words of wisdom from the man himself.

Fairies Whispers was a collection of subtle eye shadows that according to Sonic could be also used as highlighters. The eyeshadows looked really pigmented but in reality, they were quite sheer. Talk about the magic of makeup!


And the last one was again a collection of lipsticks and lip colours aptly named “Hugs and Kisses”.


So, what are you going to be? All in or all out? Make sure you send us your pictures with your favourite M.A.C look!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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