Look Beyond Red this Valentines Day

Come February and the world turns red and why not, its valentines month. Red has always been the colour of passion and love. In the palette of all things bright and beautiful, the colour of love is extremely agreeable to me, but I would not claim that it is my favourite. Sure, I love red in a dash here and a sprinkle there, but I will not prefer to go all out with it. If colours can be your valentine, my valentine would be Blue — the soothing, beautiful and calm blue. It’s the season of love, and, this time, I urge you to think out of the box and out of the colour red.

A dress is a perfect choice for a date. I love the feel of a lovely dress against my skin.  It flows and twirls and it speaks in the language of elegance. It is perfect for a long drive and dinner and maybe even an ice cream after.

My first choice of outfit has that dash of red I was speaking about earlier. I have added a red belt to my plain blue dress which is actually just a ribbon. My red shoes are also my acknowledgment of the color red. I have accessorized with red and blue bracelet and a watch in my hand. You can also try this with a white dress because like Romeo and Juliet, Red and White make a classic couple.

JU6A8307 copy

JU6A8319 copy

JU6A8322 copy

JU6A8331 copy

The second look, which caters to a light walk down a beach or a candle light dinner, is a long gown that flows beautifully. For me, it symbolises how love sets you free instead of holding tight. I have added a dash of red lipstick which looks bold yet beautiful.

And hey! Don’t restrict this day of love to only your partner — go out with your sister, brother, maybe your parents or even with yourself. The point here is that while we love the people around us, we forget to tell them how important they are for us. Take this perfect opportunity and give a hug to someone who has made you feel special. Spread some love!

JU6A6525 copy

JU6A6531 copy

JU6A6893 copy

JU6A6903 copy

This is how I plan to style myself for this Valentine’s day. Do tag us in your pictures on social media channels so we know what you wore to celebrate love!

Dress: Jealous 21
Gown: Soucika
Bracelet: Swarovski
Shoes: Dressberry
Watch: Fossil

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful and Stay in Love! :)

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