Candid Knots – It’s a New Day And A New Dress !

Do you remember the interview scene from Sex and the City where Carrie wonders how Lousie from St.Louise, one of the seven children living in a one room apartment, can afford a bag from Louis Vitton? And Louise tells her that there is a store down the block where you get it on rent? I thought that was a swell idea! Anyway, I saw the movie, liked the movie, loved the idea and forgot about it. Life compelled me to move on.

Years later, I came across Candid Knots – a platform with a similar idea, where one can rent outfits for special occasions or maybe, sometimes, just like that! These people are Godsend during weddings. Wedding season is almost contagious. You hear about a friend getting married, then after two days you get an invitation from another friend and then another cousin and when there are so many weddings to attend, how does someone get a new look every time?

With Candid Knots, I don’t have to buy the stuff, I can infuse variety like crazy into my wardrobe and I seriously do not have to worry about going on endless shopping excursions right before a special event because I always postpone such things to the last minute! This concept definitely makes my life easier and economical.

CandidKnots offers a wide range of outfits like dresses, evening gowns and Lehengas. They have also made sure that the guys have their fair share of choices with Blazers, Jackets and Kurtas. They also offer high-end designer labels with impressive rental prices for a maximum of 3 days. After you have chosen your dress and communicated the date, they take care of the delivery and pick up. 

I have had a great experience with CandidKnots. The clothes delivered were dry cleaned which was an absolute essential for me. They also accept Cash On Delivery. So you can be completely sure of the quality of the product before accepting it. I chose the Lehenga (in the picture) from their website and my brother opted for a Blue Blazer. And here is the cherry on our cake –If the dress you ask for also has matching jewelry, it will also be sent to you at no extra cost. Isn’t that sweet!








If you happen to try this service, let us know how was your experience! And remember to have fun with your look — mix and match and be creative.

Photography by CandidKnots Team
Make Up by Krupa

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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