Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 – Day 4

After the first, second and third days of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016, which were filled with hustle and bustle all around, Day four was touted to be the grand finale of style on the ramp. I was definitely not disappointed. Something about the energy of this place is almost infectious, making you want to blend in and yet stand out. With my own looks, I have tried to do exactly that. But before I tell you what I wore on all these days, here is what happened on the fourth and final day on the 14th edition of BFW.

Rainush by Govind Kumar Singh

Rainush defined valor of the ‘Gandhwariya’–  Rajputs of the 14the century. The collection was rich in history and heritage and I loved the textures of this collection. . The textures were made in hand which made me respect the artisans behind the work. The collection also had bold outlines and the garments were nothing less than a visual festival. It was sprinkled with a heavy variety of Indo-western, Maxi-length silhouettes, fitted dresses and layered skirts.

The showstopper, Neha Saxena became quite emotional as she felt nostalgic about how she fought for getting a pass to watch BFW four years back and now she is a celebrity showstopper. Actress has three movies releasing shortly, one being a  bilingual of kannada and Tamil with Arjun Sarja as lead called as Game. Art of carrying the clothes is the style statement she believes in!






Aakarshan by Aanchal Jaggi

What do you do when you doodle? I start by writing my name over some ten times and then proceed to make arrows everywhere.  But some people can make doodles as pretty as art pieces. Aakarshan by Aanchal Jaggi is a live example. Aanchal’s collection was called ‘Under my Umbrella’ that was based on her doodles. It was full of bright and fun colors. She stuck to her Indian roots with traditional embroidery but made sure that it still has a fun element to it. Aanchal has a background of Art and honestly one could make that out with the collection. The attention to detail was apt and beautiful. This one made an impact on all the viewers alike!







The whole collection is inspired by Monsoon, hence lots of umbrella and rich embroidery says Aanchal. I love to play with dark colors as I doodle a lot, she adds. Lot of colors and not just plain black or white is my usual style statement, she suggests.JU6A0703

That’s all folks, this ends this years BFW posts until next time keep watching this space for some unique features and useful styling posts.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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