L’oreal Professionnel ProFiber Preview and First Impression

Since time immemorial, women have been searching for that one product that can work like magic for hair. In a recent L’oreal event, a team member asked me what according to me was the future of Hair Products? I did not need time to think for this one — a product which nourishes the hair and gives long term results“, I replied and I am sure I spoke for thousands of women out there. Little did I know that L’oreal’s new hair care range will come very close to the magic that I have been hoping for. I had the opportunity of attending a L’oreal event that defined grandeur, the theme of which was “stepping into the future.”


General Manager of L’oreal – SussanVerghese spoke about the science behind hair damage science and how the biggest need of women consumers’ needs to be addressed. She explained the uniqueness of the innovative Aptyl 100 molecule, which powers this next generation range. After this introduction, Shweta Sodhi — National Education & Academy Head spoke about a detailed product, range & Service Immersion.

Nothing feels better and softer than hair that is fresh out of a Hair Spa Salon. But the feeling lives only till our next wash. That’s where Loreal Professionnel Pro Fiber comes to save our lives.

After you get your hair spa/treatment with L’oreal Professionnel products in the Salon, you can ask the beautician about the health of your hair.  After analyzing the level of damage in your hair, they let you know which Pro Fiber hair care program is perfect for you – between Reconstruct, Restore, and Rectify. Each of the three ranges is designed to treat a specific level of hair damage.Profiber_package

Rectify – Level 1 hair damage
Restore – Level 2 hair damage
Reconstruct – Level 3 hair damage

I started using Reconstruct profiber Shampoo as my color treated hair had become very dry and lifeless. I used the shampoo around 5 times and I can already see visible results. I can actually feel my hair getting their softness back.  I have not had a chance of using the Masque yet, but the whole package looks extremely promising and I am definitely looking forward to it.


The Profiber Shampoo is available at Rs. 1200 and the Masque at Rs. 1400 for each range. The Pro Fiber range will available across Select L’Oreal Professionnel salons from March 2016.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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  1. You will get the best results by using the L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber collecting. Which is very cool and helpful. We have seen the great response and happy customers.


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