A gift to keep his spirit high – Scotch Whiskey Collection

As I entered the venue of the recently organised Scotch Whiskey Collection launch event, nostalgia hit me like a wave. No, the event did not make me nostalgic but I remembered the time when I had come back from the US and brought a bottle of Scotch for my Dad as a present. He was the happiest! Contrary to that another time when I got him a shirt and he had to get it exchange because it did not fit him. They say women are complicated creatures. I beg to differ! When it comes to gifting, women are the easiest — not so for the guys, though. They have wallets, they have the latest gadgets (Or they wish for a gadget that is way out of the budget), they have their shirts and T-shirts. What does one gift them? It turns out, answers were hidden in this very event.

On a slightly warm Thursday evening, I headed to the Taj hotels to attend SWC Launch event as United Spirits had launched their Scotch Whiskey collection that includes some of India’s finest Scotch brands like Vat 69, Black and white and Black Dog. The event kick started with Anuradha Menon speaking about her thoughts on the idea of gifting Scotch to someone. As the evening progressed, actresses and models Chitrangada Singh, Lisa Hayden and Shibani Dandekar walked up to the stage and shared their experience of gifting Scotch.

Chitrangada Singh said her Dad is the first person who comes to her head when thought of  #ScotchAsAGift whereas Shibani Dandekar said that in the age of social media, it is not very difficult to guess what a person likes unless he posts only about sports or food. That’s where Scotch as a gift comes to the rescue.






Personally, I think Scotch makes for a fine gift especially for someone who claims to be a connoisseur. I also consider it safe to drink at home as one does not have to worry about driving afterwards or even about the gigantic bills later. So next time you are wondering about what to gift your man or dad who loves to drink, try considering Scotch as an option.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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Warning: Consumption of alcohol in large quantities is injurious to health.

Drink Responsibly.
Don’t Drink and Drive!


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