Perfumes – A summer essential featuring Neesh

Summers, a time when you would rather stay at home than step out because it is all too sunny out there. In Bangalore, summers seem to have arrived way earlier than expected and I hear everyone around me complaining. Sweat is something we usually cannot avoid in summer but we can definitely avoid the odor it spreads. The fragrance of a product tops my priority list when it comes to body wash, moisturizers and obviously deodorants. Deodorants can help control body odor up to a certain extent but if you are a fragrance junkie like me, a perfume is a must have in your dresser. The reasons why we feel happy may be due the pheromones, a feeling of escape, ability to show your individuality or memories they invoke within us.

When the good people at Neesh Perfumes sent me their package of assorted perfumes, I was pretty darn excited to use them. I was sent across the box of 6*2 pcs, which had all the varieties of Neesh available. The first thing I noticed was the packaging — how convenient it is to carry it everywhere I go. I mean it can be fit in a small clutch too, unlike usual perfumes that come in a glass or plastic bottles. Neesh Perfumes comes in a plastic rectangle shape which looks like a thick biscuit hence making it easier to carry around.






The first perfume brand of India has evolved such a huge collection of perfumes that it contains rare natural ingredients that give you a long lasting and luxurious fragrance. The quality of any fragrance is estimated by its ingredients and their blended portion in any perfume. Here are the 13 ingredients that constitute to form the Mini Pocket Perfumes of Neesh:

  • Iran Saffron: One of the most expensive spices in the world. “Iran Saffron” is cultivated in Iran and its strong red colour and high quality make the perfumes aromatic and fresh.
  • Pink Rose: The elegant pink roses symbolize love and esteem and have a unique, sweet and pleasurable fragrance. They are blended in women perfumes mostly.
  • White wood: The perfectly mixed white wood fragrance in the perfumes can make very women   aromatic and lovely.
  • Dark Rose: The sensual smell of dark rose symbolizes mystery, hope, and passion. The flowers are rare to find. Their aroma is perfectly blended in Neesh perfumes and well suited for women.
  • Citrusy Mango: The tangy, fruity, citric and sour smell of Mango has the ability to attract anyone with it.
  • Cardamom: The spice belongs to family Zingiberaceae . The aromatic and spicy smell of cardamom makes it special. Best suited for women. It is also used for fragrance in food.
  • Rose: The blooming flower of Rose makes it the symbol of romance and love. The perfect blend of the aroma of rose in the perfumes makes them best for women.
  • French Rose: The rich flavour of French roses makes them unique as they smell like red wine. Perfect choice for women.
  • White lily: The heavily fragrant flowers are native to Greece and Europe. Having blooming and peaceful whiff, this is ideal for women.
  • Mimosa: Small, bushy, candy like balls have unique scent smell like no other natural product have. The soft smell is just right for women only.
  • French rose from South of France: The aromatic, lovely and highly stingy smell can attract your partner. This is best suited for men.
  • Patchouli and leather: The luxurious, hard and rich smell of Patchouli and leather is too good to try. The fragrance is different from other perfumes and well suited for men.
  • Agarwood (Oud): The dark aromatic resins have the best smell in raw form. These perfumes are rich in the smell. The fragrance is best suited for men.PicsArt_02-25-01.31.47


I love the unique and organic fragrance of each packet sized perfumes Neesh provides. The fragrance lasts throughout my office hours, i.e 8-9 hours with mild fragrance after 4 hours. It shall be one amongst my must have in the bag list.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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