Artistic heritage & Culture of Kutch by Shrujan Trust

Not many moons ago, Shrujan exhibition in Bangalore was held from 24th-27th Feb ’16. And I visited them on the 27th at Rain Tree hotel. To give a background of Shrujan Trust, it is a no-profit-no-loss organization that has been working for the empowerment of women for the last 46 years.

My trip to the exhibition hall began with a view of some elegant and pristine sarees. They were rich in color and embroidery and taking my eyes off them seemed like a very difficult task. There were a lot of other accessories that were touched with Indian culture and had my head jamming with a million ideas about how I could pair them up with Indian outfits. Another interesting piece of art was a pouch for a phone. It was pretty useful, absolutely stylish and undoubtedly a great accessory to carry for a wedding or say a garba night. There were also some impressive laptop bags and sling bags on display — one can never have enough bags, can they? Apart from these, they also had  Cholis, Blouse pieces, Dupattas,  Tops, tunics, Stoles, Shawls, Mufflers, Yokes, Bags, cushion-covers & wall hangings.

There is always a lot of discussions over which international designer rules the market with their collection of material and texture and style. But we just have to look closer home to realize that Indian designs are quite unexposed. This exhibition displayed a HUGE variety of embroideries — Aari, Ahir, Chopad, Gotaav to name a few. And when I say few, I really mean a drop in the ocean because Shrujan Trust employs a network of 3000 craftswomen to earn a sustainable livelihood. So not only do they make them financially strong, they also enjoy the variety that each of the crafts-woman brings with her. Besides the beautiful work by these women, Shrujan also presented the unique handmade collection of work by the Kutch artisans that  reflects the true heritage and culture of their region.

JU6A7337 copy

JU6A7292 copy

JU6A7299 copy

JU6A7303 copy

JU6A7312 copy

JU6A7314 copy

JU6A7335 copy

It is always fun to be a part of an event that calls for a social cause and also entertains my inner fashionista. We have been a part of different social cause events that you can revisit here and here. Before I leave you, here is what I wore to this event — A floral midi skirt,  a plain green shirt and a pair of nude shoes. Or as they say in my world, “Hello Summer!”. My accessory checklist was completed with a white neck piece, a bracelet and the round framed glares that are a must have!

Speaking of Summers, why don’t you tell me what are your summer plans? What is the one thing about Summers that you like or maybe dislike? Is there any specific Summer related posts you want us to do? Put it down in the comment section and I promise to do it!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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