Garnier White Complete Double Action Facewash — A review

In a bid to look for products that suit and please my skin, this time, I turned to the latest produce from the popular factories of Garnier. My hands reached out for the Garnier White Complete Face Wash with Double Action. Of course,  you have seen them in advertisements and wondered if they are worth your hard earned money. Well! I am here to do this job for you. Sit back and read the words that follow and you can make an informed decision in no time.



When I started using face washes, I realised how they completely dry my skin out. So much so that if a moisturiser is not anywhere handy near me, I avoid using a facewash completely. So, obviously, my first parameter to judge a facewash is simple. How does my skin feel after I am done washing it? With Garnier White Wash double action, I don’t get that extreme sandpaper feeling — emphasis on extreme. It feels clean and looks radiant to begin with with, but I still need to reach out for that moisturiser.

It smells sweetly pleasant and is yellow in color. I was disappointed to see that it does not have that half white, half yellow look that is advertised. Instead, it is properly yellow. I don’t have dark spots on my skin so I cannot speak on their “removal of dark spots” claim that the yellow part supposedly removes.



While we are at it, here are a few Face Wash reminders — things you know, but maybe you are skipping them!

1) Always wash your hands before you start washing your face.

2) Use gentle circular motion and don’t roughly scrub your hands on your face. I have seen too many girls do this. It’s just being unkind to your own skin,

3) Do not forget your nose. Alright, honestly, this one comes from personal experience. I had rough white heads and pimples on my nose because I used to clearly ignore it. Lesson learnt — Clean and moisture your nose like the rest of your face.


  • Smells pleasant
  • Brightens the face


  • Dries the skin

Should you buy it? Yes. It cleans your face, it gives it a nice sparkle and smells nice. I don’t see why not! It may not be the only face wash you will ever use, but it will be one of the good ones.

This was my opinion. What is yours? Do you have a favorite face wash? Do you have a secret face washing tip? Do let us know about them. Trust me, it is fun to share!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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