Here’s to us, Ladies — A Women’s day Luncheon at ITC Windsor

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.” I borrow this famous quote from Charles Dickens to express the world that women live in today. Today, we are considered, acknowledged, and celebrated — the best of times. Yet, female infanticide still exists, rape is a word that still terrorises and cat calls are still rampant– the worst of times. That, of course, has never deterred us from stepping out of our homes and conquering the world! We win and smile, we lose and frown, we might cry a little here and there but we don’t stop.

This women’s day, TEC was invited to ITC Windsor Manor to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.The afternoon was full of laughter, insights  and obviously great food. We were welcomed with pink roses and pink champagne. And while I relished on my starter doodhiya kebabs, which were beautifully delicious, I was entertained by a small magic show where cards disappeared and balls multiplied. It certainly is fun when a whole day is dedicated to you!

champ1 collage2 khao suey plate starter

The food spread, like always, was spectacular and almost endless. I gobbled up my Indian choice of Masala Bhindi and Rice with Dal Makhani like there is no tomorrow. I also dug the little sweet, little tangy combo of Kaho suey. Among the Non-veg, my favorite was Seafood Paella.

And while I sipped on my pink bubbly, I spoke with Binni Simon who heads the housekeeping department and Adrija Sen from Banquet sales. Being in the hotel industry is a challenging job — a smile on the face, a perennially pleasant demeanour and being on your feet almost all the times. Isn’t it tiring? “No!” said the ladies. “We never realise where the time goes,” Binny told me with a bright smile. “I feel like I have joined just yesterday,” She tells me. She is clearly living the famous statement of ‘Love your work and you will never work a day’.  If there is one thing that I have learnt from life is this — Happiness begets happiness. And when Binny, a leader before a woman, smiles in the reminiscence of a happy career that spans for 22 years and is still going strong, one feels immensely inspired.

Bini Simon Adrija Basu Sen

But doesn’t your job keep you on your toes, at all times? “It does,” Adrija quips in “but one learns to manage,” She says and goes on to tell me about a time when she drove her car across the narrow Commercial Street to accommodate a last minute guest request. Binni also recounts about the time when she was called in at the last minute to get stage curtain made for unveiling Dev Anand’s book.  The outcome of both the stories was the same — both the ladies managed the situation like a boss! And that’s what we all are — Badass Bosses!

So finally here’s to us, ladies. We may or may not be good at Math. We may be able to parallel park like Goddesses or maybe not. But let nothing stop you. Let nothing or no one become a roadblock on the highway to your dreams!

Happy Women’s Day!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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