Elanic – a platform to become a Seller!

A girl’s biggest problem, according to those social media jokes, is that she never has anything to wear and still has no space to keep her stuff. I have laughed and nodded my head in agreement to this one. Indeed, we buy stuff on a whim. Sometimes, something that looks great online or in a store does not look the same when we bring it home. Sometimes, your choice just changes – no questions asked, no explanations required.

But we, ladies and gentlemen, live in a world that loves solutions and for all those stuffed cupboards and overflowing drawers, there is a brilliant solution by the name of Elanic. Elanic is an e-commerce social market place for selling and buying. It enables everyday users to sell pre-owned, brand new or handcrafted items online. The team of Elanic approached me to try and list my items on the app. As with anything new, I was a sceptic. But no sooner that I listed my items, I sold my NYX lip cream 🙂 Isn’t that cool? If not for this app, that lip cream would have just been in my closet unused forever.


As a seller, once someone buys your product, you get to schedule a pickup time and date when the Elanic team would send someone to pick the item you are selling. Once they deliver it to your buyer, the buyer will have 3 days to return the product in case they are not happy with it. After 3 days the sale is considered final and the money will be deposited to your Elanic account. I was wondering what will I do with a lot of Elanic credits. But it turns out that you can encash the credit when it is more than INR 500 to your bank account!

Being a customer with this app is not a bad deal too. I ordered two jewellery Pieces after bargaining with the seller and I immediately got my tracking link of the purchase.

Elanic is a super cool platform where you can make fun transactions of buying and selling . Not only you might end up selling something that is lying with you unused, you can end up buying cool things too. It’s a Win-win situation people! I say go ahead and give it a shot and don’t forget to tell me about your experience on my social media channels!
















You can download the app here and follow me to checkout my closet as I update it further,
username: thatelegantchic
Use Referral code TAC during sign up to get 200 off on your first purchase.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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2 thoughts on “Elanic – a platform to become a Seller!

  1. I have a lot of things in my closet and in my vanity that I don’t use. I would love to sell them via such a platform rather than just throwing them away. This is a smart thing to do! I was just wondering how did you set the price for selling your items? Is there any fixed rate range for doing that or you can set whatever you feel would be appropriate? I am definitely going to download this app! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. You can set the price what you feel is appropriate, since you would sell something you have used, I suggest offer like 50% off on original price. Also don’t forget to use the coupon code TAC to get 200 off on first purchase 🙂


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