Don’t go the rocky way – Go Smooth with Gillette Venus

Time – Our best friend and worst enemy. We run with it and we run against it. Unfortunately, more often than not, I run against it. As a fashion blogger, there are too many events to attend. As a party lover, there are too many friends I have to hang out with. And because I don’t want to miss out on living every moment, you can often see me scuttling around from here and there and back here.  Of course, there are things that I have to take care on the go – do things a tad more quickly than they are supposed to be done. One of these things is body hair.

While I would love to have a pampering session in a nice parlor (or have one come home) for a massage and a mandatory waxing session, it is not always possible. So I resort to quicker methods. These days I shave the body hair and honestly, it took me a lot of convincing myself to do it. One hears a lot of side effects of shaving. Thicker hair, multiplication in growth, unwanted cuts are the top three ones. Why would I want thicker hair? I am not exactly in love with the existing body hair anyway! And unwanted cuts – blood, hurt, band-aids– no!

Turns out, I was pretty wrong. Once I started shaving, I realized it is quick and convenient and effective. I can speak from personal experience – I, for one, did not have thicker or coarser hair growing back. The growth rate was also same – it did not increase (or decrease). And for the record, I have never cut myself while shaving. If you get paranoid about shaving, remember to not press the razor very hard against your skin – It is not meant for that. If you use a light hand and correct products, there is nothing to worry about. Also, whatever happens – do  NOT dry shave. No! Nada! Never do that!




I started my “shaving experiment” with Gillette even before I saw its marketing and ads on TV and print. In fact, my first razor survived for more than a year! The first time I used it, I had used (and still use) a conditioner for shaving and dab a little olive oil after I am done with it. This time, however, I had the whole Gilette Shaving kit!

Since I have recieved the Gillette Venus All in One pack, I shall take their #SubscribeToSmooth challenge and keep posting the updates on how the product is and how my skin feels after the shave and many other minor details.
If you got any other questions related to shaving, you can leave here in comment or you can check out on their APP.

Gillette Venus All in one pack contains:

Shaving Gel

Till next post, Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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