A week with smooth skin – 1 Myth Busted

In the last  post,  when I decided to take the #Subscribetosmooth challenge, I had spoken about my constant race against time. This weekend was no different. I was supposed to represent my team for Badminton in the Annual Sports Event. But because I was busy with a lot of other things , I realized only in the morning of my match that I needed to shave.

It is no secret that I have a super sensitive skin. I get small boils after waxing which is something that does not bother me anymore. But I usually tell the attendant to be a bit careful. When I shaved for the first time, I wondered if shaving would be better or God forbids, worse than those tiny pesky boils. While doing a bit of looking around, there was one prominent discussion point that I came across about shaving. Apparently shaving can leave your skin dry and flaky.

Now here is what happened with me – I did see the appearance of those usual boils on my skin but there was no itch or irritation to it. There was no dryness as well. Because I know that the boils are owing to my skin, I really cannot blame waxing or shaving for it.  However, the dry skin due to shaving theory is a popular myth and since there is no smoke without fire, I tried to find reasons for the dry skin and this is what I think can happen:

  • Using Hot Water: I understand that you might want to use hot water because it opens up the pores of the skin to loosen the hair, but it does take away the moisture from your skin. I suggest you use lukewarm water or rinse the skin with cold water afterwards.
  • Using Soap: Soap reduces the natural oils from our body and that is why moisturizing the whole body after a bath is highly recommended. Using soap for shaving might not be a very bright idea. The good thing is that this Gillette kit comes with its own shaving cream/foam which is obviously customized for your skin. So next time remember to ditch your soap when you pick the razor up.


Now that you know that the dry skin after shaving is not because of the shaving process and my skin is smooth even after a week of shaving, maybe you can take this challenge yourself and join me in the journey of  myth busting. I would love to hear your shaving experience and if you are not pro-shaving, I would want to know what is stopping you or you can check out on their APP.

Gillette Venus All in one pack contains:


Shaving Gel

Till next post, Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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