How to Tighten Dark Colored Skin

When your skin is starting to wrinkle and sag, it makes sense that you would want to have some sort of skincare treatment to fix it. But if your skin happens to be dark colored then the solution might not be quite as simple as you think. That’s because there are some subtle and not so subtle differences between light and dark skin, which can make some people better or worse candidates for various anti-aging processes.

Dark Skin and Melanocyte Distribution Patterns

There are certain structures within your skin that are responsible for producing its color. Those structures are called melanocytes, and they make something called melanin. When the melanin is distributed properly, skin has a fairly uniform color. But when the distribution is disrupted it can create problems in the form of light colored areas of skin on someone whose skin is normally dark. That splotchy appearance can be quite embarrassing.

Dark Skin and Oil Production Levels

Although anyone can have oily skin, those with darker skin tend to have larger pores and more active oil glands than those with light skin. If you are one of those people with oily skin, whether dark colored or not, you need to beware of any procedures that could heat those oils up and cause

Laser Procedures and Dark Skin Pigment

People have used medical lasers to treat skin problems for years, and even if your skin is dark you can too. The trick is to use the right kind of laser device. Some of them are not meant to be used on dark skin. Generally speaking, any laser that is ablative, which means that it treats the outer layer of skin, is not a good idea to use on skin that is either oily or dark colored. That’s because the heat can interact with the oils, and also removing the top layer of skin can alter the melanin. So, if you don’t want burns or patchy spots, avoid those types of machines. You might be a candidate for non-ablative laser treatment, even if your skin is dark or oily. Fraxel laser treatment could also be an option. But you shouldn’t jump right into laser treatments without exploring other clinical anti-aging and skin tightening methods too.

Alternative Treatments to Laser Skincare Procedures

There are a lot of alternatives to using lasers to correct skin issues. Medicated creams and lotion could do the job over time. But if you’re looking for something a little stronger then you might want to try something like intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL. You could also use ultrasound procedures or radio frequency treatments to reverse wrinkles and signs of aging. Of course, you also have the option of undergoing surgery to tighten your skin, no matter what your complexion is like. But surgery should always be a last resort. If you can treat your skin another way that is less invasive, it will probably be both cheaper and safer, not to mention a lot more convenient than having a lengthy surgical procedure to treat your wrinkles and other skin concerns.

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