Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth – Shaving does not alter skin color

It’s already my third week with Gillette Venus subscribe to smooth challenge and if you are new to this blog, or you missed the series somehow, do check out my first post — Go Smooth with Gillette Venus . I have been donning the cap of a myth buster in this series and my first aim was to remove the misunderstandings regarding the texture of the skin after shaving. Here it is — Myth Busted – Skin becomes dry and flaky and today I come here to speak of another pretty popular myth — Shaving alters or changes skin color (patchy skin), hair texture or hair color.

Myth Or Fact: Shaving alters or changes skin color (patchy skin), hair texture or hair color

The color of our skin depends on the melanin pigments and external factors like sun, dust can alter the color of one’s skin. However, shaving does nothing to the melatonin levels. Girls have this common assumption that shaving the skin often leads to patchy skin and the hair grows back thicker. It’s been 3 times that I have shaved with Gillette Venus Razor(shop here) and Gillette Venus Shaving Gel( shop here) and rest assured, my skin did not change its color and neither my hair turned mutant and multiplied. While shaving, the process of shaving removes hair from the surface of the skin and does not touch the roots which means it does not affect the color, texture or thickness of your hair in any way. In fact, regular shaving removes dead skin cells and dead hair leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Since the hair grows back in a week, people tend to assume the hair growth is faster with shaving. But the hair growth depends on your hormones and differs with each individual.  I suggest, when you switch to shaving method do make sure you do not have any cuts in your skin already.

Shaving Tips:

  • Exfoliate your skin before shaving. it helps remove the unwanted ingrown hair.
  • Always wet your skin — it makes hair softer and easier to remove
  • Use Shaving gel, avoid soap
  • Moisturise well after the shave

With another myth being busted in my SubscribeToSmooth challenge, I am hoping you will start using a razor which is an easy and convenient method of hair removal. If you have any more question, you can leave your comments here or check out the facebook app.

Till next post, Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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