Best way of hair Removal

I am in the fourth week into the SubscribeToSmooth Challenge and Gillette Venus Razor has become one of my summer essentials. Quite often I wear knee length dresses or shorts. Shaving has been my best friend for such wardrobe choices without elaborate parlor appointments. I was someone who used to hesitate shaving legs and arms. Even if I would shave my underarms in an emergency situation, the parlor lady would always raise her eyebrows at this. The one thing she told me was this, — If you shave, and then you come for a waxing, it will hurt more. And trust me, this scared me. So, I would make those regular parlor trips. The SubscribeToSmooth journey has been an interesting path for me to tread on and with you, even I am seeing a few of my own myths bursting like a balloon.

Now, after using this shaving routine myself for almost three weeks I can see many advantages over going to parlor every 15 days. I also need not wait for the hair to grow a certain length before I head to the parlor, — you know the “neither here nor there phase” All I need is good 10-15 minutes at home and I have a smooth skin everyday.

  • Affordable – Shaving saves me a lot of Money, as you buy the kit once and you are set for next 3-4 months.
  • Portable – I can remove my hair where ever I travel to, without worrying about finding the nearest decent salon.
  • Saves Time – Included with my bath time, I don’t even think of shaving as an extra chore.  This is a refreshing change from the waiting time in the parlor while reading the latest issues of magazines.


Shaving neither altered my skin color nor changed the texture of my hair. I have already made posts about busting such myths in my previous posts here and here. Also, you can buy the Gillette Venus Razor(shop here) and Gillette Venus Shaving Gel( shop here) along with the Cartridge as a package so that you need not worry about buying any shaving materials for 3 – 4 months.

The next time, you stand in front of your wardrobe and stare at your pretty sleeveless dress thinking, “If only I did not have a jungle growing on my arms, I would have definitely worn this” just grab your Gilette Kit and dress according to your style and mood!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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One thought on “Best way of hair Removal

  1. Hey! Yep! Gilette is the best. I use it too. I think shave once and wax once gives you the best results. It even gets rid of ingrowths. (;

    I have a blog too and would love for you’ll to check it out ❤


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