Beauty – Top 5 Summer Essentials

Bangalore is a right now as hot as the oil in a hot pan and all the Bangaloreans are nothing less than fried samosas, getting tanned in the summer’s wake. But life does not stop, does it? As much as You and I wish, we cannot stay indoors, hiding from the sun and sipping a cool drink. So, we go out and we continue being awesome in our summer outfits, but I thought I will share with you how you can not only be ready for summer but also conquer it through this summer essentials ! According to me Below are a few things you must have in your possession during summers.

Moisturizers are not only for winters, they are absolutely needed in summers too — especially if you have dry skin. You can either use cream or oil to keep your skin moisturised based on your skin type and need. Im currently using Cetaphil hydrating lotion for face and VLCC body lotion for rest of my body.

For Face
For Body with SPF 15

I, on an everyday basis, do not use sunscreen even though I have heard how much significant it is even if I stay indoors. As I use a CC cream which has SPF 20 in it. But when it comes to summers and I have to head outside, I make sure to use Sunscreen lotion which has a high SPF factor. Sunblocks are a must as it will help protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.


Hair Oil
My mother has given me this habit of applying hair oil and leaving it overnight at least 3 times a week and she believes it helps to release of body heat and reduces stress while you massage the scalp. And I completely agree with her. With so much of heat, the hair becomes dull and dry. Also, with the rate we sweat (especially if you work out) our hair attracts dust as quickly as moths to light. It is absolutely vital for us to massage the scalp with oil once in a while to keep our hair healthy.


Summers and Shorts go hand in hand for me. I hate wearing pants in such heat. But shorts means I got to have cleaner and smoother legs. Have a razor handy wherever you go. It not only helps in hair removal but also removes dead skin. You can check out my SubscribetoSmooth series to know of more advantages.


Lip Balm
Lip balm is something I need throughout out the year. It keeps the lips soft and supple. Do not forget to scrub your lips often which will help you in avoiding chapped lips. One of the natural scrubs you can use is a mixture of sugar and lemon.It is best to apply a lip balm before sleeping as it will heal the best during that time. Also choose a lip balm with spf in it during summers


After all said and done, summers still hold great childhood memories for me. These were the days of summer vacation and mangoes. And while I wait for Bangalore to regain its old summer charm, you guys remember to drink a lot of water and keep reading more posts on ThatElegantChic!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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