Gillette Venus SubscribeToSmooth – Overall Experience

Shaving  – we have been going on and on about it in the past few weeks. If you have read the posts in the past, you would know that I prefer shaving to waxing or hair removal cream. Although waxing delays the growth of your hair, in a few days, you end up in an in-between situation where you can neither go for a waxing session nor can you boast of a smooth hairless skin. I also find shaving so much quicker than using a hair removal cream where the work is done in a few quick strokes. One needs to wait for the hair to “die” for around 6-8 minutes when using a hair removal cream. It is also way less messy — actually, shaving creates no mess at all as the gel washes away quickly unlike the cream. Since I have already spoken about how sensitive my skin is, I do not prefer hair removal creams in the fear of a chemical burn or skin irritation.

Shaving ,on the other hand, gives you the freedom and the flexibility to be hairless whenever you want, which includes an unplanned party or even a dip in the pool. What I also like about shaving is that you don’t need to be an expert in the action, unlike waxing.  You also avoid the unpleasant smell from the depilatory creams.

There were a few other tricks we had discussed earlier regarding shaving like using a sharp blade, making sure that it is rust free and using a good shaving gel like Gillette Shaving Gel . Moisturising the skin after shaving is almost like a blessing to the skin so make sure you do that too! You can also use a conditioner if you do not have a shaving gel and follow it up with olive oil. Shaving can very easily become a part of your daily routine and costs you hardly anything. If you’re careful with basic habits and movements, I can promise you there will be no cuts and bruises from shaving. Check out all our previous posts here, here , here and here 🙂


Now coming to all those myths that I have busted by trying Gillette Venus Razor on myself, I can very well tell you that none of those myths is true. The colour of hair does not change. Shaving and colour of the hair are as different as chalk and chocolate! Your hair colour is decided by your genetic code and not by your hair removal method.  Also, when you shave the hair, they grow back with a tapered tip. It makes people believe that the hair grows back coarse. It does not actually alter the texture of the hair — or the skin for that matter. So you see, not everything that we knew about shaving up until now was true. And for our heavily “on the go” lives, shaving is a perfectly well-suited option. Try it and see a little bit of your life change!

I hope my posts on Gillette Venus SubscribeToSmooth challenge have given you insights so that you can know everything regarding shaving. If you still have some doubts or questions, you should check out the Facebook APP.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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