Pamper your mother this Mothers Day and Always

Mother’s day, a day dedicated to our lovely moms who devote so much time of their life in nurturing and caring for us. Agree that mothers day , women’s day all have become very commercialised these days but still why not pamper and love our mother’s little more on this day and make her feel special. From cooking food to gifting her saree’s I make sure to make this day memorable for my mother each year.

My mother is someone who is least interested in fashion and beauty when it comes to her but wants me to try on the latest outfit she sees on television or wear a bright red lipstick while we go out. She is selfless in every manner and doesn’t take care of herself as much as she cares for the family which annoys me the most. I have to tell her like a million times even to eat on time. We are all busy in multiple assignments we do and forget that our parents are more important than the tasks. So for the ocassion of mother’s day I thought I shall dedicate the whole day for her and her pampering sessions.

As I said earlier, my mother is simple and doesn’t even visit parlor a lot. I took her to a salon and spa, and firstly got her a facial which would help her relax and ly down. Following that I got her a hand and foot reflexology which will releave her from the everyday pains. These were for her body to feel good and relax.  I also wanted to give her a new look, a make over types which would be a good change for her. So next I got her a much needed haircut, she never cuts her hair and I believe one needs to at least cut the edges to have hair grow back healthy.



IMG_1180 copy

Personal beauty session ended and I wanted to take her for shopping and give a make over in her clothes as well. But it was already late evening and it started raining badly, so I decided to keep the styling make over session to some other day. Do your bit for your mother or make her feel special in a way she would love. Last year, we spoke about how giving a full health check up to your mother would be a good gift too. You know her better than anyone in this world, so go for that right gift which is unique to her.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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