Co Ords to CoOrdinate with the Weather

Everytime I need to do an Outfit shoot only one thing runs on my mind, Location! More than outfit or blog Post, Location worries me the most. It’s summer and the temperature is so high in Bangalore that you can’t really go out for the shoots during day time. Talking about rise in the temperature this Summer, it makes me sad and wonder how did we come to this stage from a ever green and cooler Bangalore. Here are few things I do to beat the heat:

  • Drink lots of water, butter milk and Coconut water – This shall not only hydrate your body but also avoids those annoying heat realted problems
  • Have multiple plants in your home garden or in pots, Lets give back some oxygen to atmosphere throught this way
  • Avoid wearing black or darker color clothes during day time which absorbs heat and makes you feel saffocated. Opt for whites and lighter shades.
  • Last one, Keep some water on terrace or balcony for those birdies who are as thirsty as you are

Coming back to my location problem, since I wanted to talk about beating the heat I chose to wear my outfit to the Nursery where I could buy some plant samplings. And planned to do my shoot their itself. When you really do some small changes that helps the universe, I guess it reciprocates. After I visited the nursery and was heading back for another shoot, It started raining heavily and I knew universe loved me back 🙂 My other shoot got cancelled but I was very happy that my city got some rains which was much needed.

DSC_0037 copy

DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0059 copy

DSC_0047 copy

DSC_0003 copy

I’m wearing a pastel green co ords which is very fresh for summers. Pastels are amazing and looks so lovely during summers. Shorts and the Crop top gives it a casual and comfortable look, I have styled it with a pastel pink sling bag, nowadays I buy bags online itself. If I were out for a brunch or out on a holiday I would have worn a hat as well. I have worn a comfortable pair of golden and white flatforms, these shoes are blessing to someone like me who hate wearing pointed heels. If you are going to a place where shorts could make you feel uncomfortable you could style it with a long shrug as I have done below.

Outfit Details:

Co-Ordinates: StalkByLove
Shrug: Splash
Shoes: Amazon
Bag: StalkByLove
Shades: Tommy hilfiger

I hope you liked my outfit and the look as much as I loved styling it. Also I did the shoot at a Nursery, do let me know what you think of that.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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