OPPO F1 Plus Specs, Price, Features and Impression

This is all about Selfies – OPPO F1 Plus is the second selfie centric phone in the market after Oppo F1 and aims to be the ultimate SelfieExpert. I won’t be wrong to say, I use front camera on my phone more than the rear camera, because its easy and I can click however I wish to. Be it for snapchat or making small videos in the places I visit, front camera becomes my partner in crime. OPPO knew that there are many like me, who loves clicking selfies and 5 or 8mp cameras aren’t enough for these. After launching OPPO F1 with 8MP front camera, OPPO F1 plus comes with 16MP front camera and a great design.

Display: 5.5 inch full HD Amoled display
Processor: 2 giga hertz octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755)
Memory: 64GB internal storage expandable to 128 gb with micro SD card
Camera: 16 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera
Battery: 2,850 mAh
Android Version: Lollipop 5.1

Price: 26,990 INR

Watch the Unboxing Video Here

What I loved the most?

The handset has a glorious design which I fell in love with at the first glance and is very light weight to carry around. With 5’5 inch Full hd display; images, games and videos are amazing to look at in this phone and since bezels at the side are thin, it has wider screen too. You will love it if you like phones with large display. Rear Camera and LED flash are the top right corner of the phone giving a neat and classy look to the phone. Phone is very sleek too with just 6.6mm thickness. Even though it says gold color, I found it is more of washed out gold which works really well for me.


IMG_1292 copy

With 16 mp front camera, phone clicks amazing and clear pictures in good lighting, there are few granules when clicked in low light but not as bad as other phones in this range. It has a beauty mode which removes blemishes and gives you a perfect picture from fair to rosy shades. I can say this is the best front camera I have used. Rear camera with 13mp f/2.2 is impressive too, it clicks good clarity and detailed pictures in day light or good lighted places and reproduces great colors. you can make video either at 720p or at 1080p, It has other options like timelapse and panorama as well.

Selfie With Beauty mode
Selfie With Beauty mode
Selfie on OPPO F1 plus
Selfie on OPPO F1 plus
Rear Camera Click of OPPO F1 Plus
Rear Camera Click of OPPO F1 Plus








































Phone’s goodness doesn’t end just with the design and the great front camera, it has finger print sensor integrated with the physical home button which unlocks the phone real quick without any hassles. It also has VOOC charger which charges the phone from 0 to 75% in just 30mins which is amazing for busy folks like us who are on the run all the time. Battery life is good with normal usuage even under wifi and is less consumed by the processor, since the processor isn’t the high end one which are used in other phones in this range. So this phone is not suggested if you are an hardcore gamer.

Apart from iPhone-esque looks of this phone, there is so much more to look forward to and it is the prettiest phone of 2016 which comes at a great price.

Comparison with Iphone 6s 

As I mentioned earlier, the design of this OPPO F1 plus is similar to Iphone 6 series, I did a spot the difference comparison with iphone 6 s and here is what I found,

The front-facing camera is to the right of the earpiece – left on the iPhone
The home button is capsule-shaped – round on the iPhone
The bezel is thinner in OPPO
OPPO is lighter in weight than Iphone 6s
Sides are more angular in OPPO which gives better grip to hold
Speaker, 3.5mm jack and USB all are at the same positions in both phones
Selfie taken on OPPO F1 plus is brighter and color reproduction is better than one on the Iphone 6s

IMG_1283 copy




Selfie on OPPO F1 Plus
Selfie on Iphone 6S















What didn’t work for me?

Back panel gets dirtier easily, better to use a phone case
Phone is slippery in the hand, need to be cautious

Final Verdict:

With lot many pros and hardly any cons and When you get a phone with premium looks and better front camera than Iphone 6s at a price of 26,990 it is a marvelous deal.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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