Top 3 Current Favourite Lipsticks

Finding that perfect lipstick is like dating. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince! Similarly after a lot of tries I finally found the lipsticks I might die without. If there’s one brand that captured my attention lately, it’s Colorbar. I literally cannot find any flaws with any of the products I’ve tried from this line especially the lipsticks,

Here are a few best lipticks:

ColorBar Matte touch Electric Red (36 M) – This was much talked about among my friends and Since red is my favourite colour it dint take long before I caved in and bought it earlier this month. It lives up to the hype (To my friends, Do not gloat!). This is one of the best out there –It’s velvety finish texture and intense colour makes for smooth application, incredibly wearable and also gives a perfect amount of matte finish. Since I’m really into matte finish off late, this particular effect is beautiful. I know a lot of people who think matte finish often gives a dry look and does not glide easily on the lips, but this is as smooth as cream and glides onto your lips like butter. I love the fact that it comes with mirror shine packaging because for me anything that comes in mirror finish automatically becomes more attractive and looks classy. It stays around 5-6 hours easily.

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ColorBar creme touch Craving pink (O41 C) – Buttery smooth and easy to apply, I am in love with this! I also found it useful to try this shade with a suitable lip liner on the outside, and always make it a point to use a lip brush because it gives a richer and more precise colour application. If you are looking for that flawless pout, Look no further, the moisture in this lipstick makes your lips look just that! The texture is not very glossy , which I prefer because I think too much gloss looks awkward, it’s the right amount of finish and shine. It lasts 5 hours and if you do not munch on food constantly it lasts longer than that.



Though Colorbar Lipsticks come with the promise of lips that are eloquent and luscious, I also tried a couple of more brands. As they say ‘You can never have too many lipsticks’.

Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet by Maybelline(REBO4) – The only way to describe this – A burst of rebellious colour! Though this range was launched in spring 2015, I knew I had to get it! Better late than never. It is one of the most beautiful bright corals out there that is not pink or orange but Just right. It almost borders on neon, but trust me, it’s not crazy neon. If you are someone like me who is a little reluctant to try bold new colours, I would definitely recommend you start with this. You won’t regret it. Also one really cool part about this lipstick is the packaging. The cap covers the entire body with only the bottom part of the silver tube being visible and is an orangey red in colour. The cap shuts with a click and is very much travel friendly.



Few Tips to follow while applying these Lipsticks:

With lipstick, moisture is everything. Chapped lips can ruin the perfect pout, so prior to application I recommend making sure your lips are both exfoliated and moisturized. Once my lips are prepped I usually opt to define my lips with liner in a similar shade to my desired lipstick. Do follow the natural shape of your lips and make sure to stay inside the lines.

After you’ve fully applied your lipstick, lightly blot your lips with a tissue for a polished, even look. This will also lessen the chance of getting lipstick all over your teeth! Trust me I’ve been there and it is NOT a pretty scene.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you haven’t tried any of the above mentioned lipsticks! I suggest you run to the store now, because Lipstick is magical! 🙂


If you’re sad, add more lisptick and attack – Coco Chanel

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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