World Celebrates a day for Whisky – LoveScotch

Saturday nights are a synonym to parties. It’s so much more fun when one gets to mix work with an evening of letting your hair down and this is what exactly happened this Saturday. It was World Whisky Day and I had the opportunity to Party with some Celebrities like Canadian Super Model and brand ambassador of #LoveScotch  Coco Rocha, Actor and Business Man Dino Morea , Ace Actor Randeep Hooda , TV Presenter and Fashion designer Mandira Bedi and Business Tycoon, Founder of Arvind Mills Rajiv Mehta. Media , Influencers and Bloggers were present at the #LoveScotch event along with these celebrities. We had the opportunity to talk to celebrities and I headed straight to Coco Rocha, who is not just a supermodel but owns a fashion label herself and I admire her for all her work.

JU6A8245 copy

Me: Which is your favourite Scotch?
Coco: I love Johny Walker and Black Label. They are neat and simple
Me: And which is your favourite Cocktail?
Coco: I love Scotch with Ginger ale. It is very  much refreshing
Me: Any Message for Indians who love Scotch?
Coco: They say whisky is a Man’s drink. At least, in my country, it was thought that way for long but when I got into the fashion industry, I see men, women everybody loving scotch either neat, mix or as a cocktail. So girls break the norms. Whisky isn’t just a Man’s drink anymore.

Dino Loves black and white scotch and he was introduced to whisky when he was quite young. He shared a very interesting snippet from his life when he recounted how his Mum used to dip her finger in whisky and give it to him so he falls asleep. But it was not until the age of 28 that Dino actually started having Whisky.

JU6A8253 copy

When it comes to Mandira Bedi, she loves to have her scotch on the rocks with two blocks of ice. Her favourite place to have this is in Delhi and her father is her favourite company. She loves drinking scotch once in a while along with her Dad to unwind from her work stress.

JU6A8293 copy

Randeep gave me a lovely smile when he heard the blog name ThatElegantChic, and said that he loves Black Dog scotch and has it neat usually. He doesn’t like having it with food along but loves some chakna on the sides. Who does not, really!

JU6A8269 copy

There was a panel chat with the celebrities on the stage and our Bengaluru boy Dino and Randeep, who can get into a skin of the character like he was born to do so, seemed to be in a playful mood and were pulling others’ leg.  “A bottle of Scotch is the best gift to give your friends,” said Coco and others agreed to it. “The next day of world whisky day has to be a holiday” Randeep Hooda pointed on a lighter note. This was followed by a cocktail making session where Dino juggled his hands with making drinks. Randeep followed him into the cocktail making session and prepared an aromatic drink. I had whisky sour with singleton scotch and it was amazing.

JU6A8339 copy

JU6A8361 copy

JU6A8408 copy
JU6A8437 copyJU6A8465 copy

JU6A8537 copy

Later, We all headed to UB city where we were going to pub hop from Skyye bar to Sanchos. Mandira was on the other side of the bar counter making few cocktails at Skyye and Coco took over at Sanchos. At both of these locations, the crowd went crazy.

Every year, the third week of May is celebrated as World Whisky day. Good to know that, isn’t it? Although I was in dark about this particular “special” day all this while, I guess it’s not too late. My first ever World Whisky Day was really fun and I will definitely look forward to it the next year too!

As always, we cover some happening events in town and you don’t forget to drop by again for some more event related posts.

Drink Responsibly | Don’t Drink and Drive | and remember, the legal age of drinking in India is 21!


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