An Unusual breakfast with Jackfruit365

While the whole world sleeps in for a few extra hours on a Sunday morning, I braved my will and got up a bit early for a breakfast event that I was invited to at Grand Mercure. I lowered the car’s window so that the morning’s fresh air hits my face and wakes me up a bit. Little did I know that the special breakfast will not only wake me up but have me smiling ear to ear with all the amazing delicacies.

This breakfast was  unique because it had an unusual ingredient – jackfruit. I know! I didn’t believe it either. But as I always say, it is always fun to know about new stuff and this was definitely a great morning to learn something. Jackfruit, specifically dry jackfruit as a very low Glycemic index. It is a boon to people suffering from diabetes and high sugar level. So, if a usual idli is made with one-third parts of dry Jackfruit powder, it can be filling, will be super-duper healthy by lowering the quantity of rice used and hence the overall Glycemic Index, and the best part is that it will not alter the taste of the dish at all. How do I know that? Because all the breakfast I had at this little meetup was made with appropriate portions from jackfruit powder by jackfruit365 and there was no hint of any jackfruit .

To begin with, I started my tasting travels with Jackfruit Paniyaram. I took my time. I tasted one and then one more and the Paniyaram tasted like themselves –giving no hint of what went into them to make them tasty and healthy at the same time. And so I began my stroll. I tasted the pancakes and the potato bonda. I also tried a bit of Jackfruit upma. There was also some JackFruit smoothie. But nothing – nothing could have given away the foreign taste unless it was told to you. (Okay, maybe the smoothies had the jackfruit taste, but they were yum!)




So while I enjoyed my breakfast, the star of the show was presented – Galouti Kebabs. Being a vegetarian, I have read about Galouti Kebabs only in books. I know they are supposed to melt in the mouth and I know they have a smoked aftertaste. But I knew this is not the world I would step in unless I heard the miracle of a vegetarian galouti kebabs. I recalled an incident where I once almost reached out to meat curry thinking its Jackfruit curry. Apparently, Jackfruit is a close replica of meat and Chef Sridhar took advantage of this little facility to introduce the vegetarians of the world to Galouti Kebabs. They melted in my mouth alright and they did have that smokey after effects that everyone talks of. I took a fellow blogger’s words as a fact when he said that they taste 90% like the real Galotis. I will take 90%. It was definitely something that I would want to have again.


full plate

We live in a world where tasty and healthy are words that are not spoken of in the same breath. But we also live in a world where Diabetes and high sugar levels are on an increase – a world where we genuinely want to get back to being healthy but sometimes lack of time or energy pushes us back into the takeout zone. Exercise is important. Having a healthy meal is much more important and Jackfruit365 has brought an interesting, unusual and a rather do-able solution to try.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Healthy :)

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