Indulge in some exquisite Chocolates at Fabelle Boutique

When I was little, Chocolate was my absolute favorite thing in the world. I would keep a whole bar of chocolate out in the heat because eating an almost melting chocolate is a feeling that cannot be encompassed in words. Years later, things have not changed much. They still taste and feel as loveable and as warm as a comforting hug.

However, as I grew up, so did my taste. Being in the IT industry, it is very usual to get exposed to a wide variety of some high-quality chocolates. But my latest indulgence with Fabelle Chocolates was courtesy ITC Hotels, with whom TEC shares a great relationship. ITC is soon going to take its first step towards the arena of Luxury Chocolates with Fabelle and the idea sounds as delicious as the Chocolates themselves. “Our aim is to create the finest chocolates along with ITC and in some ways make India proud.” Said Mr. GK Suresh, Vice President.

After a brief introduction of  Fabelle’s journey, where they spoke of how the best cocoa is sourced from Africa and Latin America, we were presented with some beautiful Fabelle Chocolate Desserts. We were walked through each dessert by Chef Arvind who seemed to have some real passion for Chocolates. The first dessert was Tiramisu two ways. This one was my personal favorite among all the other desserts. It had a dominant taste of coffee with 64% of Madagascar Fabelle Chocolate in it. What also intrigued me was its presentation that really represented rocks in a stack.

Tiramisu two ways

The second dessert was an Orange Cremeux. It did not do a lot of wonders to me honestly although it looked really pretty with its orange dome. It had almond and coriander praline which is an unorthodox take on the usual Hazelnut Praline. Next was the Black Forest Revisited. With 67% of Madagascar Chocolate, this one was a fantastic chocolate dessert. It had a strong chocolate note to it that balanced  the usual vanilla creme in the black forest. With 84% dark chocolate, next, we got a chance to taste Petite Cake which was sinful in taste and looked delicious. Our tasting session ended with Eclair Venezuela, a Fabelle twist to the usual Eclair. With 72% of Venezuelan Chocolates, this baby had some rich caramel notes to devour.

Orange Cremeux
Black forest revisited





Eclair Venezuela


Dark chocolate petit cake

A very popular dessert amongst everyone was the White Chocolate Cheesecake Jar. It was an eggless dessert. It is interesting to know that the texture of the cake actually improves without eggs. The dessert came in a jar (as the name obviously suggests) and was filled with berries. It also had peppermint which made the dessert refreshing. Our tasting session ended with the Petite Cake — a wonderfully delightful cake.

White chocolate cheesecake jars

This was an evening of fun that would just refuse to stop entertaining us. With every corner of our palette filled with a taste of exquisite chocolates, we were far from done. We soon entered the Fabelle Chocolate Boutique. If they would make wonderlands out of Chocolates, this boutique can be a good start. We were given samples of Fabelle Milk and Dark Ganache Chocolates because with the Indian Market, one needs to cater to every taste. The stars of the evening, however, were the collective array of chocolates based on the five elements(Earth, wind, rain, wood, fire) and in that the clear winner was Fire! Filled with Ancho chilli and Tangy Mango candy in the center, this thing was totally out of this world !!


Chocolate Flower

After all the craziness, we were even allowed to don the chef hats and make our own chocolate cups. The combinations, with fillings of dark and milk chocolate and chocolate filings, was fail-safe and every combination we tried was pretty good. The magical end to this evening was the Chocolate Flower.



There are only three things that matter in life. The first is Chocolates and no on remembers the other two.This Saturday evening was made absolutely memorable and extraordinary , thanks to some rich Chocolate Love by Fabelle and ITC. Oh! and here is the cherry on this crazy Chocolate cake — all the chocolates and the desserts are optimally priced under one thousand. Cool, right?

Keep it Stylish! And don’t forget to indulge in some Chocolates too :)

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