Dress Like a Diva

The world is full of pretty things — A smiling child, a blooming flower, sunsets, a rainbow, a lovely dress. Einstein said, “There are two ways to live this life. One, like nothing, is a miracle. Another, like everything, is a miracle. In our rush to live our lives on the terms laid down to us, knowingly or otherwise, we miss a lot of miracles, a lot of those pretty things. Like everyone, I get sucked into a whirlpool of a zillion life activities. But I try to breathe a bit. I try to stop and look up and smile at the sun and the sky. I like to do things that make me happy, like dressing up in a pretty dress and go out with loved ones. Surprisingly, we often forget to catch up with the ones close to us. These date nights are reserved for us to update each other about our lives, to laugh at the bad jokes, to go on long drives, to dance like everyone is watching, to feel great about me and to just be happy!

Such an occasion usually calls for dressing up – choosing a dress that takes my breath away, accessorizing it, and needed to Dress Like a Diva. I wish I had Aladdin’s genie who could grant my wish of a wardrobe that never stop producing a new glamorous dress every single time. I still managed to grant my own wish through HiddenCloset. I have already used their services once and this time, I chose a beautiful black dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Even though I love off shoulder tops and dresses, I had never worn a tube dress as I wasn’t really sure if I will be able to carry it off. This time, however, when I wore it, I wanted to sing “Where have you been, all my life”. Thanks to these renting sites, one can discover and re-invent their styles, After you try a dress, you can realize what suits you and change your wardrobe accordingly and that’s what I got to do here.  As an additional note, the delivery and pick up from HiddenCloset was really smooth and the outfit was neat and dry cleaned.

DSC_0022 copy

IMG_2018 copy

IMG_2028 copy

IMG_2034 copy

IMG_2058 copy

When I stood in the lobby with this dress, it felt like being in a beautiful relationship. The interiors were complimenting my dress and my dress was complimenting the interiors too. I was a part of a pretty frame and realized how once again, I am fortunate to have a life full of events and people that make me smile. And I am sure if you take some time out and count your blessings, you will run out of fingers to count them. And when that happens, just smile and say a Thank You – to your loved ones and also to yourself, because you are awesome and you know that, don’t you?

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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