TimeSaverz for your home services need

As another weekend comes, it’s time to review a new website/app which lets you #savetheday by giving all the home services in need. Timesaverz is a new start up which has service providers who would come to your doorstep for various home services ranging from cleaning, pest control, repairs, handyman jobs, laundry, and beauty services. They do this so that you can spend your time following your passions and doing things you actually love rather than running around for mundane tasks.

I like giving surprises or gifts to my family, and no I don’t believe in doing it only on occasions like Mother’s day, Father’s day or Birthdays. I recently took my mother for a pampering session in a Parlor on Mother’s day and it was a difficult task to convince her that she also needed that relaxation time. I wanted to continue such sessions for her, but she hardly likes to go out to the parlor. That’s when I thought I will book beauty services from TimeSaverz for her also along with me. Also, check my experience on another beauty service app here.

As soon as I logged into the website, the first thing I liked was doodles and website design they had. After giving the location details, I chose the beauty services amongst other services they had to offer. Under Beauty, they offer facials, bleaching, threading, waxing, hair care, Massage, Pedicure, Manicure and combos of these. I picked eyebrows threading, Pedicure, and Manicure to the cart where I could choose the date and time for these services and make the payment. The best part was, I could avail the service the same day by booking that morning on the website.



One Beautician came home along with her equipment’s, she was friendly and started off with Pedicure service for my mother. When she realized my mom was a wee bit uncomfortable, she started chatting with her and made her absolutely comfortable. After her service, she gave me crystal Manicure which I had opted for. It was a good pampering session at home and I’m sure they would give best services even for other home needs.

Overall I say, you can give TimeSaverz a try when you are in need of home services as we all have other priorities to work on other than fixing mundane activities.

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